The secrets of catching roach in the early spring

During the winter, the roach is in a state of hypoxia (lack of oxygen), and once the ice begins to melt, the fish seek to fast flowing rivers. Here she is going to spawn and eat. This is evident in the frequent and sharp bites.

A little look at what is happening in this period, under water.

After the ice melts, the diet of fish is limited and scarce. The most abundant food of the roach is in the coastal zone. Because at the bottom are beginning to Wake up larvae, fry and crustaceans, fish in this area and feeds.

Roach is omnivorous, but in early spring the benefits you need to give the nozzle of animal origin. Such as bloodworms, small worms, maggots.

As for the bits of plant origin (dough, bread, pearl grain), they should be postponed for the summer. Roach kept flocks, so even beginners the catch is big enough.

Groundbait for roach.

Any bait should enter the animal component, under the guise of a maggot or chopped earthworms. You need to mix with water taken from the pond, which will be fishing. But as practice shows, bait in the early spring when fishing for roach doesn’t play an important role. The main thing is to find a habitat for fish, and the catch secured.

Tackle when fishing for roach.

To catch roaches and need a light long rod (5-6). Because hands get tired quickly from long-lasting waving with a heavy rod. It’s okay to amortize the bite to reduce the risk of fish yield. Because can bite predatory fish (perch, small pike) who do not give up without a fight.

The hook needs to be bronze color, size No. 3, short handguard. The line diameter of 0.13—0.15 mm, green or blue. The float should be very light. Shipped to the weight of the cargo could only half-flood float. Optionally, you can supply the leash a diameter of 0,09-0,01 mm

Key features catching roach in the early spring.

Spring roach takes the bait very eagerly, therefore, to strike over smoothly. Besides the upper lip is very weak, with a sharp cutting hook can rip the lip.

The clothes must be worn with a greenish tint, and not to make noise at the place of fishing.

To catch big roach, you should know that she rests in shallow water, as the water here warms faster and therefore feed more. Depth of fishing should not exceed 1.5 m.

Under feet it is necessary to lay a Board or thick cardboard, because the ground is very wet and can get stuck, or slip.

Must bring a pair of socks in case feet get wet. Also it helps to drink hot tea from a thermos.

Behaviour of roach during spawning and after it.

When the fish lays eggs, she stops eating.

If the temperature of the water, the roach can be caught by hand. Although not a sport, but to catch in this way is not prohibited.

When spawning is finished, roach returned to deeper places (2-3. 5 m), and the bite almost stopped.

Therefore, more outlined about catching small fry in the spring:

• easy to catch a float fishing-rod on a small worm, oparysha, Motyl;

• large instance should be sought in shallow water, wear clothes with a greenish tint and to keep quiet;

• in early spring to catch in shallow water in the coastal zone, and where the water is rich in oxygen;

Thank you for your attention and good catch!

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