The secrets of catching burbot

The best time for catching burbot winter. This fish goes hunting mostly at night, but in cloudy weather with wind and Blizzard burbot bite and in the middle of the day. Burbot should be sought close to the steep banks, snags and extreme depths. Sometimes burbot out to shallow water to snatch a fish.

There are two main ways of catching this representative cod: passive and active.

Passive method

A passive method of fishing for burbot is the use of so-called «postmusic». «Postavicka» is a nylon thread on the reel. By the end of the thread tied to the hook of the ten numbers according to the Russian classification. About a foot above the hook fasten the cargo. On a hook baited with a bunch of worms, small live fish (preferably perch or minnows). Can also be used as bait in chicken guts, pieces of meat etc.

This tackle is lowered into the hole weight on the bottom and is attached with a stick. Below the hole is not frozen, it is recommended to cover with a piece of microporous rubber or a piece of cardboard, and covered with snow.

More effective for catching burbot in this way is used a few «postmusic».

«Postawski» establish the evening and morning check. So we don’t have all night to spend on the pond.


This type of fishing burbot are suitable for anglers with a sport character. Tackle is a hard winter fishing rod with comfortable spacious coil. The coil is wound the fishing line is thick enough (0.2-0.3 cm in diameter). By the end of the fishing line tied «bomb». The so-called giant size lure with a hook of the ten numbers. However, as the hook size and the size of the spinner can vary. It all depends on the magnitude of the expected production, as well as the depth of the fishing location and velocity.

On the «bomb» plant mainly earthworms. However, it is possible to use other suitable nozzle. In particular, it pieces of fish or meat waste.

Techniques for catching burbot

Techniques for catching burbot tackle this fairly simple. The jig is lowered to the bottom and is periodically tapped her for it – «the bomb». Burbot are looking at the sound and grabs the bait.

In the end it should be noted that both of these ways of catching burbot are perfectly combined with each other and together can bring a good catch.


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