The secrets of catching burbot in November

Fishing for burbot in November, as a rule, is very effective, because at this time the fish begins biting. Favorite food are considered to be worms, small fish, mollusks, and crayfish. Fishing the main thing is not to fear the dark and very Moody autumn weather. As is known, fish begins to bite in bad weather, when any other fish not even think of starting to feed. Only understand the intricacies of such fishing, you can catch a real trophy. But do not think that this is a very easy task, because even in reservoirs with a large number of burbot is possible to remain without a catch, if the right to choose the place of fishing, tackle and bait.

Burbot prefer areas of the reservoir with a rocky or pebbly bottom, only at night he can go to sandbanks or shoals. Juveniles held in the areas with moderate current, as adult specimens prefer deep. The great advantage of the November fishing is considered to be the fact that due to the lowering of water temperature the fish are forced closer to shore. So to make long casts does not necessarily. Look for burbot is possible only by trial and error, constantly throwing gear at different distances and depths. To detect it with the help of sonar is also unlikely, because the fish moves very slowly, with long stops. Catching burbot in one place, you need to perezapustit tackle a little to the side, because fish do not come to this place for a few hours.

The best tackle for catching burbot in November is considered normal Donka lying on the bottom of the bait. Experienced fishermen prefer to put in a few night market, returning to them only in the morning. To explain it very simple: night fishing more effective, and bites from burbot weak. Because of this, the fishermen can not worry about what their gear for the night will be ripped off. In addition, the fish always deeply swallows the baited hook, and therefore yourself to be free it is unlikely. The only disadvantage of such fishing – it is passive and uninteresting for active anglers.

More interesting and exciting fishing for burbot in November held on two bottom gear with active search. In search of a fish and is the tactics of the November fishing. Moreover, the gear in this case, thrown at different distances from the shore, and thus decide where currently feeds the fish. If the bite missing about half an hour, tackle perezapisyvayutsya, or the fishery completely changed. Double and triple hooks are best left at home, because to remove burbot even with single hooks to be very problematic. And because the bottom fishing rocky with many snags to avoid snags unlikely. Burbot like to keep in your mouth the bait before swallowing it. So do not jump to conclusions at the first bite.

The best tip for catching burbot in November is traditionally considered baitfish (Karasik, ruff) or the frog. It is best if the bait on the hook will stay alive. This fish stick over the lip and the frog – behind the rear foot. Suitable for this purpose any other small fish (frozen sprat, herring, capelin). If live bait to catch failed, you can use a worm or bunch of worms, small pieces of any other large fish or piece of liver. The line you need to choose very durable, with a minimum thickness of 0.2 mm, as adult burbot, fighting for his life, strongly resists. With the help of his powerful tail he can curl up in a ring, become sideways, clinging to the stones, thus creating strong resistance. Often the breakage of the hooks and fishing line, therefore, going to catch burbot in November, you should take care of spare gear. Also advised to stock up on warm waterproof clothing and hot drinks.

Caught burbot until the ice, then the fish is getting ready to spawn and in the first 1-1,5 weeks does no longer move around the pond and feed.

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