The secrets of catching burbot in December

Early winter is an excellent time for catching burbot. The reason is that at the end of December of this fish will start spawning, so this time burbot have time to work up fat, actively eating.

Fishing for burbot in December traditionally starts with the selection of locations for future fishing. Fish prefer waters with rocky bottom, loves places with sources and plots on the clash of two currents. Ponds with a thick layer of sludge at the bottom of burbot avoided, because not like the oxygen-poor water.

The most effective will be the December fishing on the pond with a small depth (up to 3 m), in the presence of coastal eddies and petrukovich Islands.

The choice of gear should be approached very responsibly. For catching burbot in December will need a reliable rod which will cope with a rather large fish. The line it is better to take thicker, not less than 0.4 mm. And definitely need a leash, as if to be able to do sweeps, the predator is so deep it can swallow the bait that get it will not be easy. The hooks need to be bigger (No. 12-14). Additional loads on the tackle you can not add quite enough to the weight of the spinner. In this difficult period it is better to give preference to medium-sized lures silver tones. Experienced anglers are advised also to put on the hooks small pieces of meat perch or bleak.

Special attention should be paid to the technique of catching burbot in December on the spoon, which is as follows. Upon arrival at the place of the upcoming fishing you need to drill a hole. The spoon descends to the bottom, and immediately starts a smooth game of bait (trolling). The greatest effect reach slow motion sideways or up and down. The game better not to complicate to inadvertently scare suspicious burbot. And do not try to lift the spoon higher than 50 cm from the bottom, so to. the most active strikes are taking place at a distance of 10 -30 cm If the bottom of the pond is a great result in catching will help to achieve the simple tapping on them with the jig. Than attract fish such attacks on a stone and dropping from a spoon it is not known, but they most often end with a bite.

The most popular bait for catching burbot in December – bait. Suitable for this purpose, calves, peccarisi, bleak. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to offer burbot rotten food, as the fish readily take fresh fish (alive or dead). And dead fish is often more effective, because you can catch live bait in December is not easy. A great showerhead can be frozen capelin, herring (not salted), fish fillet. In short, the fish are not too fussy fish, which in the period of pre-spawning Jora takes almost all edible heads.

Bite when fishing for burbot in December are usually sharp and quite strong jerks of the line, so the cuttings need to do active and ground covering. Immediately after hooking the predator almost does not resist, but we should not relax, because the holes he will begin an active struggle for life. The main thing here is to try to hold the line, not allowing their prey to hide on the bottom. The hardest are always the last meters of the output, because burbot because of its strength and agility gives the fisherman the opportunity to let myself down to the hole. Therefore, going fishing for burbot in December, one is advised to take bagorik.

Fishing for burbot in December held exclusively at night, especially likes the fish the rainy night with heavy frost. Peck burbot begins immediately after sunset. But when you consider that in December at 6 PM is already dark enough gear you can start to throw in 18:30. One waters the bite lasts up to 2-3 nights, and in others until dawn. But that just will not go fishing for a good catch. No matter what difficulties did not deliver such fishing, trophy production and lots of fun with more than compensate for this.

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