The secrets of carp fishing

The representative of the underwater world has long been popular among fans of fishing on the waters. This trophy is for everyone: the experienced angler and the beginner who first picked up the bait.

Among the people there is a belief that in order to catch carp, you don’t need to use any special tricks. But this fish can easily confound even the most avid fishermen.

Secret # 1

Carp – fish is unpredictable. First, he can be caught on worm, and within ten or fifteen minutes he will start to ignore it. In this case, you can use steamed corn. But you still need to prepare more variety of lures. Then you will succeed.

Secret # 2

In flowing waters the water cooler, and, therefore, the carp will need to provide quite high-calorie foods. It would be best if you start to catch it with worms, maggots or other animal heads.

Secret # 3

Leash when fishing for carp it is better to use of the braided cord. More fit twist, developed by the American company «Sufix», which has the name «Hercolyn». It is better to take dark green or soft gray thread, which is not much different from water plants, and this means that the way to scare off the fish is simply impossible.

Secret # 4

Definitely need to choose the right hook. In this case it is better to use hooks, that are manufactured by the Norwegian firm «Mystad». The best hooks are in the series of «Carp». They are quite sharp. But thanks to its original bend insensitive when they bite.

Secret number 5

A good bait for carp will be the pellets of black bread. Definitely need to add to them fried sunflower oil with onions. Especially that fish are attracted to the pulp.

Secret number 6

You can use the crumb of white bread and mix it with a sour cheese that you want to leave for weeks in a warm place, by placing it in a closed utensil.

Secret No. 7

To locate carp, pay attention to the bubbles that float to the surface of the water. If they are, then there is a Karasin pack.

In any case, every avid fisherman has his secrets of catching this cautious fish. You can use several ways to surely. And you can experiment a bit. Maybe you will be able to discover a new way of catching carp.


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