The secrets of autumn carp fishing

The General decrease in temperature shall inform the angler about the onset of the new season – autumn. For carp fishing autumn is a fertile period, as now are truly trophy fish. With decreasing temperature water carp leaves with shallow water, where he has worked all summer, culminating in the deepest parts of the reservoir. The reason for these movements is that the deeper areas, the water temperature is not falling rapidly, and though a few degrees, but higher than for small parcels.

Here, with the fish moving and all the life of the reservoir: worms, larvae, small crustaceans, and these areas of favorable food supply for carp.

To find at this time a lot of active carp very hard. In contrast to the summer period, the carp does not indicate its location by a series of bursts. To correctly select the future egg will help the knowledge of the topography of the reservoir and habits of the local carp. Most anglers make the mistake of continuing to fish for carp and ways typical of the summer period, thereby experiencing failures and making the conclusion that with decreasing temperature the carp nibble away. In fact, there comes a very favorable period. Just to catching carp in the fall must be approached sensibly and carefully, calculating every action.

Ideally the future of fishing is the sector with the sharp drop of the bottom, which is just beyond the shallows. The ideal is to find a sharp step at the bottom, where the difference of depths with one to three or four meters. The main feed point should be selected on the depth of not less than three meters with the presence of the relief anomalies in the form of hills, stairs, snags.

Don’t forget about the smaller places, in the presence of a warm Sunny day it is possible that the carp come out to bask and search for food in these areas, so that additional fished the point is to choose a site top of the stairs. Thus, nakormil two or three points, in anticipation of possible movements of a carp on the different parts of the reservoir, fishing ready with the bait to hold the carp in one place, awaken him food activity.

A large amount of bait for autumn carp don’t need. To create those two or three feed points, enough about three pounds of bait for the day.

In the preparation of bait should abandon large and nourishing of factions, eliminating the possibility of premature saturation of carp. Also caution should choose a flavored basis, eliminating the use of sweet and fruity flavors, replacing them with the flavors of animal origin.

In addition they proven themselves spicy flavours – coriander, pepper, dill, garlic. The presence of a feed element in the bait will increase the appeal. The best tips for this time of year is a worm, bloodworm, maggot and boilies based on fishmeal.

The choice of method of fishing. It is recommended to stop at the bottom snap-ins, as float rod in these conditions fishing will be ineffective. The best tackle for carp fishing in the autumn is a feeder, by which it is possible accurately and without unnecessary noise to deliver the bait to the intended place of fishing, creating it compact feed spot, and the sensitivity of the tips of the feeder allows you to see even the most cautious bite.

In the autumn because of the limited forage base, really trophy carp that are actively feeding, lose their inherent caution, becoming the coveted prey of the Fisher. So autumn fishing for carp, with the right approach to it, in addition to a pleasant contact with nature will reward you with a truly large instance.


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