The secrets and tricks of successful fishing

Fishing without secrets can not be, otherwise the neighboring fisherman can catch more, and this will hurt the ego of the fisherman. Known to the author of the secrets to successfully catching different fish and some tweaks will be described below.

It often happens that fish from the shore many anglers. This is especially true for reservoirs that are located close to large cities. So in a crowd of fishermen almost always find one or several that catches significantly more than others. And like all caught on the same tackle and the same bait, and the bait is no different, however this fisherman catches more. What’s his secret? Usually in this situation, all the matter in some detail, which is immediately noticeable. Maybe he’s a little thinner leash or slightly different form of hook it or fasten the bait in a special way that it copies the appearance of underwater animals. Indicative is the example when on one occasion on the pond and all the fishermen caught a big carp. Only small children caught carp and bleak. All the serious fishermen were trying to catch a big, pounds for ten fish. However, the cases of detention were very rare. The fish was not hungry, very picky and not take virtually any kind of bait. Bait was used, all the same variety was and baits. Is exotic bait, such as boiled in honey peas. Only one fisherman well adapted to catching this fish. He usually came much later all the fishermen, threw his rope with the same nozzle as in all and soon was taking another desyatitsentovoy fish. This successful fishing was intrigued by all fishermen, began the search for the answer why he was so successful catches? As it turned out, his secret was in a small container, soldered to the hook, in which he before fishing with a pipette drip a drop of any fluid. Hook had a view of a conventional spinner, only instead of a lead jig was filled with fluid from the pipette. It attracted the fish and made it a fishing trip very successful. This case demonstrates that as they say «the devil is in the details.»

Another example could be the case when a fisherman along with all the carp were caught on a crumb of white bread. However, in contrast to all, which he caught successfully. All of his equipment was the same as all the other fishermen. As it turned out, the secret was. All fishermen lure fish cake which is formed during the production of sunflower oil. Now, this fisherman was mixed with fine crumbs of this cake in a bread crumb and it is actively fished. A similar case took place when some of the fishermen who fished bread, one caught more big fish. It turned out that in contrast to all other anglers that when fishing with bread did bread balls tight, tight rolled, he’d gain a little compressed bread. In the water this bait has quickly started to limp and her downstream pop up pieces of bread that attracted the fish. Big fish, not wanting to waste time picking up small crumbs, just sucked the water with crumbs and with a hook.

In each case, the whole secret of successful fishing was in the small details. That’s why on any fishing trip do not neglect the opportunity to observe a more successful fisherman. The secret of his successful fishing in the small details. Be careful on fishing and you will be lucky!

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