The secret to a great catch in the winter

What is the dream of almost any fisherman? On a good catch. No matter what day and season of the year. Otherwise stating ,the more fish the better! Especially if we are talking about winter fishing. At this time of the year «to sit on the ice» (although not clear on the ice), quite cold… Because it is extremely frustrating to return home with a poor catch or even without it. So you want to discover the secret of always successful winter fishing. The most interesting method is legitimate. No need to use an electric rod or dynamite. But first, we will tell you how it works. Then as a bait to make.

Corny works for «Tosca» fish. She «shizeet» from the smell is that bad. What smell? True ,the smell of summer and fruit. Therefore, to lure you need to use the pill. The ones that are effervescent and dissolve in water. They are often from a cold or cough. More often they smell (and taste) of orange and other fruits. What specific medication to use? Not important, but as a Board as cheap as possible. To afford not beat, and the fish was on the hook. How to make such bait?

The secret is simple if it can be called a secret. The first thing you will need cereal (any), but I use pearl barley. Of course, it should boil, it will be the lure. Three times the desired bread crumb. It will be used as «bomb». The fact that this bait I am not for myself officially called them «bombs.» So, the bread crumb need to stretch to the point of «clay». Then roll it in the pancake is quite thin. Around the perimeter of the «pancake» sprinkled with cooked cereals for feeding. Approximately the center of the «design» put effervescent tablets with a taste of fruit. Further, the «pancake» rolled into a tube. Both ends of the tube a little twisted, but not tightly, so if you throw in the water she began to get inside and could easily get to the pills. Of course, you can close up and tight… as a result the water sooner or later, the bread will soak, and the tablet will begin to dissolve and «sizzle». But we don’t need «later», we need «before». Therefore, we leave the access to water.

One such «bomb» has 30 minutes to 1 hour «period». Depends on the fishing location, and other factors. So if the gatherings are planned in an hour, you can take 1 or max two… But the real fishermen do not go for such period to fish. It is therefore reasonable to reserve 10-20 bombs. More is better than less…

Well and further all is simple. Once in the water, the tablet begins to «sizzle», to throw a lure at a distance to attract by smell…. It remains only to catch and reel in. You catch rich men!

author: dobro2012

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