The rules of keeping weapons at home

Before heading to the store to purchase guns, remember that in addition to a license for its purchase, the law requires in your house was equipped with a place to store it. Requirements to the equipment of such places are also enshrined in legislation.

The gun owner must keep his place of residence and their place of residence and place of temporary stay. Typically, the owner of the weapon is obliged to ensure conditions of maximum safety from attacks by unauthorized persons, including should not have access to weapons and family members.

For a small number of weapons, as a rule, used steel Cabinet. But collectors and hunting organizations that have a large number of weapons would have to equip the special weapons room. Requirements on such areas is quite simple: a steel door with several locks, mounted in a metal box, the Windows should be covered with metal grates, to prevent the possibility of penetration from the street.

When buying a weapon safe be careful – not all models are sold in the store meet the standards enshrined in legislation. First of all, this refers to the wall thickness and material of the safe. In accordance with the requirements of the law, the safe must be made of steel or of wood lined with metal. In the absence of the storage of cartridges the wall thickness shall be 2 mm. and more. In the presence of the Department for storage of cartridges the wall thickness of the gun Cabinet should start from 3 mm. the Exception is the transportation Cabinet, the norm of which is 1.6 mm.

To store in one compartment of the safe ammunition and weapons are not allowed, therefore the majority of the arms of the drawers have two compartments that lock independently of each other. Every Department should withdraw two special locks, which are of three types – key, combination and biometric. The degree of convenience and reliability of one type or another, every owner defines for himself.

Himself safe in the wardrobe is still attached to the floor or walls. Most modern safes are fitted easily and are decorated by the interior.

Control over observance of rules of storage of weapons the police are allowed in the daytime to visit gun owners to check.

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