The role of steel in production knives

Perhaps one of the most common questions among buyers of knives, is the question about what a certain steel is made of what? That is the answer to this question and refers to the consumer decision to purchase these products or to seek another. Actually this issue is very important, as the characteristics of steel and will meet many parameters such as the strength of the knife, protection from rust, long time use without re-sharpening. Today we decided to talk in more detail about what is the role of steel in the manufacture of knives and will try to give answers to popular questions.

As one professional A. Skrylev knife is a simple closed platinum, which is made of metal. In General, you’ll find that he’s actually right. The main purpose of the knife is usually to cut (sometimes it can be stabbing, poking, pressing door and so on). In this case, these types of knives can be cast to a generic type, but in another only a small part of consumers pays attention to the capabilities of the knife. However, all the work is generally on the blade. Now let’s move on to the review only of the blades, and the materials from which they can be carried out by developers.

How does the blade, we think everyone understands. Directly to the strip of blade overlap efforts, respectively on the cutting edge creates a high pressure, which, however, must not exceed the plane of the material being cut. If you start to consider the cutting mechanism, it is possible to identify the moment that it really is many difficult moments. Also important at this pressure will play and microgeometry, and the nature of the microgeometry interaction with selected to cut the material, but in General it is possible to understand that to cut a certain type of objects is possible without high effort. In this case, it will play the role of blade, if it is sharpened and made of quality material, then you will be able to cut objects of a different sort at a significantly low effort.

You can identify what to cut there are only two components, but rather it is the creation of pressure and draught due to loading on the cutting object. Of course, everything will depend from the tasks, but in General it is possible to allocate a 2-properties of cut with a train and cut with pressure. For example, the cutting pressure is when cooking when you need to chop vegetables, as an example of the second scenario is when you need to cut more solid object, for example, it may be the rope. Proper here it is possible to allocate the time that each of these two example will take my own experience, and based on this to determine how you need to cut a certain type of material.

However, we were able to identify the most important parameter, defining tasks before buying a knife. Of course, when you go for buying a knife, you are already in advance planning, for what purpose it will be used, and starting from these goals, you will start to find a more relevant model for the characteristics of the product. To choose what at present is a snap, because you have a wide range, but be sure to pay attention to not only the above characteristics but also on the manufacturer who produced the products. Remember that major manufacturers will not sell poor quality products, but the price of these items can be very high, however, here the quality will speak for itself.

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