The right advice for a successful hunt for bear

The right advice for a successful hunt for bear

Brown bear is a rather large animal. Weight some individuals can reach 700-800 lbs. This giant is a dangerous enemy even for an experienced hunter it is best to be prepared in advance to meet him. With the start of the autumn hunting season, hunters can start preparing for the extraction of the bear, study its characteristics and to explore the feeding grounds and facilities. The week prior to the fall, started blooming blueberry and wild cherry, and the Bruin bear goes in search of the oat fields. The best time for this hunt, can be determined by studying the growth of the oats or using intelligence. At this time, bears that come out to feast on oat fields, remove plants from the top may be placed in the middle of the field and carefully sucked and gnawed a whisk. Such fun in the fields often appear bald areas. This period of time is most suitable for the hunting of this animal.

Very often, specialized hunting clubs especially oats inoculated field plots, different sizes. In certain parts of the fields, are built construction of the towers, which are equipped specifically for the convenience of hunters. In some cases, such structures will immediately attract the attention of a large animal and to avoid the danger bears come out to feed only at night. This, of course, to some extent complicates the process of hunting. With the tower can be very simple and easy to shoot a young animal. But the main hunting trophies are large and adults.

The main task of the hunter that needs to be done in preparation is the correct determination of the place for hunting. Late morning, roughly 11 hours of the day, the hunter passes the field and determining the direction of the wind, calculated the possible location of the exit of a bear from the forest. To take the place of the ambush, it will take about two hours before sunset. That’s how much time may be needed to ensure that vapours and odours hunter vanished, not attracted the attention of the animal. At the same time, to carry out the passage along the edge is not recommended, as the exit of the forest, the animal may feel the trail. There are several secrets of successful intelligence, which is guaranteed not to spoil the upcoming process of hunting. To the guard it is best to wear clothes which have ventilation and to keep the clothes in the package, overlaid it with sprigs of mint field. Your Hiking backpack, you can also fill mint and fir twigs. The smell of these plants can best overpower the smell of the human body. Clothing and equipment the hunter should not emit any noise or rustle. The bear has not very good eyesight, but he has a well-developed hearing and sense of smell.

The right advice for a successful hunt for bear

At the time of exit of the animal from the woods should try to be as fixed. Especially this recommendation is necessary if the animal is looking in the direction of the hunter. All manipulations and exercises with the gun are made smoothly and quietly. The first shot has a crucial role in the hunt for the bear. Aim to be especially careful, as wounded and tossing the beast is a pretty difficult target and very dangerous not only for the hunter but also for others, who might be in the hunting area. That is why, any hunter must track down and pick the beast even if he just wounded. Or report the case to the local game farm.

After successful completion of hunting big game, the main task of any hunter can be called the applying of all efforts to ensure that none of the products of the hunt is not lost. In a period of low temperatures in winter, preservation of the skin and meat of the beast well provided by nature. But in summer and autumn, this should be taken seriously and not to delay the process of flaying was ink and the processing thereof.

The skull of the bear is a valuable trophy and therefore in the process of hunting it is best to try to aim and hit in other places. Immediately after extraction, the carcass of the animal must be drained as quickly as possible and therefore the jugular vein and carotid artery, all animals must be disclosed as soon as possible with a sharp knife. The skin of a bear, as a rule, removed very easily. If after the hunt does not belong to a long process of transportation, it is necessary to sprinkle salt and as close as you can to keep away from zaprevaniya. After evisceration the carcass is cut from the liver gall bladder is cleaned of the residual fat and suspended to dry in a dark place. Bear bile is a very precious, expensive and unique in its properties to the product, which is actively used for gastritis, diseases of the stomach and liver, diseases of the joints, stomach ulcers and many other diseases. As a tonic and treatment for lung disease used bear fat.

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