The relationship between weather and biting

Some people who do not understand fishing, I don’t understand why avid fishermen in good Sunny weather, sitting in their homes and in cloudy and rainy all of a sudden spend all day at the pond with a fishing rod in his hands. Inexperienced anglers are still unable to track the relationship between fishing and the weather.

Only professionals know all the charm of weather conditions that can affect the result of fishing.

Here are a few secrets the weather for a good bite

Fish activity is possible with long-lasting cool weather, occasionally interrupted by short rains. Also good fishing portend cloudy weather, and some species of fish and rainy. During warm calm weather, the fish goes to the bottom, so the bite disappears. But closer to evening or dawn it rises and a fish on the line. Therefore, some anglers prefer the morning or evening bite. Before the storm, as in, the fish cease to bite, and starts after her. But with the condition that the water in the river or pond does not become turbid. Constant biting is not observed, if the weather during the day several times changing.

In the winter time for fishing favorable quiet frosty windless weather, but no precipitation in the form of snow, gusty winds and snowstorms. To bite strongly influenced by changes in atmospheric pressure that occur during strong winds. The biting is stopped if the pressure drops, and resumes increasing. But sometimes it happens that a low pressure is maintained for a certain number of days. Then the fish adapts, and though weak, but a bite.

Long stagnation in fishing there is also the water temperature in the reservoir, rather, its reduction is associated with gusts of Northern winds.So before you start collecting on this kind of vacation, a professional fisherman to have to find out the weather for the next few days, the pressure of the atmosphere, the temperature of the water, the force of the wind. The forecasts of meteorologists can be found on the television, radio and through print publications. Changes in the weather very well dictates the behavior of animals. Now for fishermen light weight tasks of the unit. With the help of Internet sites you can view not only weather, but also the forecast for biting fish.

In General, it should be said that fishermen are the kind of people that all fishing signs take the weapons, pass each other. Only here fishing secrets from everyone. But knowing the forecast, and well prepared for a fishing trip, it’s safe to say that without a catch, the fisherman will not stay.

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