The «pros» and «cons» of hunting deer with dogs

Deer — animals original. They are very shy and cautious. The main objective of dogs for hunting deer is to find and get the wounded. There are few hunters who take deer hounds.

This hunting is used not in many places, and unfortunately, the popularity has not. Perhaps it was the fact that the basic properties of hounds, used in other types of hunting, absolutely not suitable for deer.

Dogs that are fast, will cause the animal to resort to flight, and running deer very quickly. In this rut is unlikely that hunting will be crowned any success.

More suitable for this kind of hunting are hounds — slug that will not drive the beast and efficiently perform their work. From slow dogs, wild goats are not so quickly, as if hoping rather to keep up with the Stalker.

Deer can behave differently. It all depends on the local animal, or alien. ROE deer are not in a hurry to leave their settlements, walk around and behave much calmer newcomers who are capable of running a long distance in a straight line, then start to circle.

Dogs, which are used for the selection of a wounded animal. It can be any breed, most importantly, that the animal had good instincts. Deer — the animal is not large in size, the blood gives a little, and her natural caution complicate the process of hunting.

A wounded animal turns, confuses the dog rarely stops and usually moves in large jumps. The dog remains only to focus on rare and meager drops of blood, who are far away from each other.

Conclusion from the foregoing, one ROE deer is a very difficult animal for the dog, which works on traces of blood. You must take into account the fact that the wounded are beginning to search basically only two or three hours after the injured animal.

During this time it cools down and the dog becomes even more difficult to work with. ROE itself dictates the laws of nature. If the animal is wounded and does not feel the persecution, sooner or later it will weaken from loss of blood and inflammation, and lie, without going too far.

The hunter then will be able to pick up prey. Conversely, if a wounded deer would be driven by the dogs, she will run as long as possible, mixing tracks and making stops to knock the hunter off the trail and not give him any chance to get close to it.

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