The production process is or how to make the skin raw

Straps of rawhide are made quickly enough. If the skin is fresh and salty, the process of tanning takes a day or two. Skins should be clean, to mentovku, to remove the hair, dry it, break out and otenko with greasing. If the skin is fresh or salty, its just washed, but if it is dried, it is first necessary to soak.

When the skin is washed, the process of meskawki, that is, the skin must be freed from residues of meat and films. This can be done either with a piece of leather and cut it to the belts that have the desired width and length. Mentovku you can make with a knife, spit or scraper. The skin must be on the beam.

After the skin is thoroughly cleaned with a scraper removed not only the hair but also the top layer of skin – the epidermis. After that, if the work was done with a piece of leather must be cut into straps.

To belts turned out to be long, cut them in a spiral from the hide taken from the neck of the animal (usually deer or elk). Bands that are already sliced, you need to dry in a warm room or in the air, but not dry in the sun. As the belts dry out, stretch and crumple them. Once the strip is completely dry, moisten them a bit, as all skin should be hydrated the same way.

Otenko bands do Protasova strip along the edge of the boards, metal strips or using tools, called Whitey. To better and more exactly soften and stretch the skin, apply the bottom. This tool is a round stick of length is sixty to eighty centimeters, which was split in half lengthwise, and one end tied with a rope. Myself leather strip attached to a tree or post extra. Below the attachment of the skin is clamped by isadami and is threaded through them.

Next, the skin should be oiled, and finally stretch with the help of device called a don malkai. It is a flat and wide bar with handles on the edges. In the middle of the bar is slit along it and inserted a metal rod. Skin twice passed through the slot of this Malki, transferring through the rod. Then the skin is hung between posts or trees, smeared with the melted fat, and again stretch malkoy on the strip. If necessary, add the fat and work malkai until, until the skin becomes completely soft.

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