The procedure of registration of rifles

Each hunter need to know how to obtain a permit and license for hunting rifles. Rifles used for hunting big game. To obtain all permits for such weapons will need to exert maximum effort.

Rifles more powerful than a smoothbore and has a much greater range. With shotguns hunt birds and small game.

Buy rifles can be used only if the length of storage of smooth-bore, and without the right of wearing, more than five years. The first condition for obtaining a license for a rifle is a hunting experience, which must be at least five years. Arms should be stored properly in compliance with all regulations. Biography of the owner should be without black spots, this means not any violations and remarks that the possession of weapons.

In order to buy rifles you will first need to obtain permission for acquisition and possession of such weapons, this authorization gives the group a permissive license works which is the police Department of your city. First you need to write an application and attach the following documents: card statement, medical certificate form 046-1, two photos 3*4. Even with the help 046-1 will need to bring a certificate from the psychiatrist and from the psych hospital.

To all of the above documents you need to attach a receipt which confirms that you have paid the state Fee, as well as a hunting license or a copy of it. Sometimes you need a special certificate from the head of the society of hunters, but not always.

You need to take help from your local police officer, who will confirm appropriate storage conditions of the weapon.

After your documents have been reviewed you will be called and given a card for a solution to purchase one unit of rifles. This document will be valid for six months, during that time you need to buy a gun. If in 6 months you may not have purchased anything, it means that the card needs to go back. The average application for the purchase of rifles will be considered within one month.

When you go to buy weapons, the two stub licenses remain in the store where you buy weapons, and the third must be attributed to the Department of licensing works. After all the procedures for 6-10 days the weapon you purchased will be registered.

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