The procedure, content, and choice of weapons

The procedure, content, and choice of weapons

If you have a desire to buy shotguns or rifles, then you should know that weapons are sold only to adult citizens, and with them you need to take a hunting license and special permission of the bodies of internal Affairs for the purchase of new weapons, as well as handling. To buy a gun is necessary only in a specialized trade organization. Most often rifles sold by those hunters who are fishers. Special permit to purchase rifles and gun with rifled guns or small-caliber rifles may be issued to hunting companies, of course, in that case, if it is well characterized and is also involved in commodity perestrelo different wild animals. A permit may only be issued to hunters who have the experience of more than five years, and after carrying out a specific examination in the use of weapons. You also need to obtain a special application,which is issued by the Inspectorate of hunting and from hunting.

In specialized points of sales ammunition for hunting rifles (this can be a gunpowder, shot, ready to charge cartridges, etc.). In order to buy this gear is required to present a special hunting permit and certificate which is extinguished, a police authority gave permission for the storage and use of hunting weapons.For each acquired weapons, you definitely need to create a registration that occurs in the bodies of internal Affairs at the place of registration of the hunter, this sets the period of ten days from the date of purchase. Every five years, you must re-register weapons, the weapons must be sent to the experts to determine the overall technical condition. After registration takes place, the bodies of internal Affairs passed to the owner of the firearm certificate, which essentially is a permit for possession and use of firearms hunting rifle class.

If the owner of the gun has decided to change their place of residence, in this case, in the bodies of internal Affairs must submit an application, stating the new address. After the move is complete, should within ten days to supply weapons to your account in the organization of the interior for a new residence. The principle here is not should you have any questions because everything is clear.

If the hunter for some reason eliminated from the hunting community, then permission for the possession and use of weapons is canceled immediately. If this happens, then the owner of the gun, it is necessary to transfer weapons in a thrift shop or just to give to another person who has this permission, this must be done no later than one month after your permit revoked. If the owner wishes to give his weapon to another hunter, then you need to make a special statement in which you specify the transfer.

If there is loss or theft of weapons, then the owner should immediately contact the Department of internal Affairs and to write a special statement. If the gun for whatever reason, fell into disrepair, then it must pass at the conclusion of the special Commission, which will decide how to proceed with this weapon, and also assess the General condition of it. In any case, you cannot sell or transfer a damaged weapon to another hunter without special agreement, the resolution must obtain from the internal Affairs bodies at the place of residence.

Careless or improper handling of a dangerous weapon not only for the hunter but also for the surrounding citizens, so before use it must complete courses and learn all the information on the use of guns.

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