The pike fishing on the slingshot

Fishing that have special powers of observation, I prefer to catch pike on the imitation fish or slingshot. This gear helps to get the fish in places that are not quite suitable for fishing in the usual way.

What is slingshot and how to do it yourself?

So, you need to prepare the tackle for pike in such places where ordinary fishermen are rare, and sometimes never. Here at the bottom in such places and sit good fish — the dream of the fisherman. In the woods is always strong, but fell of the branch. They can cut slingshot. The extrinsic curvature should not disturb the fisherman, because fire does not have and is not selling this rigging done. A flyer is better to make from this tree, as the Linden, willow, birch. The best length – 15cm. Slingshot free from bark. Then make the handle a couple of holes so you can tie the rope. This rope, in turn, is tied to Bush.

The next step is winding the nylon thread fishing line in the form of eight. Reel the line to just not perehrestya. Then the installation of sinkers and hooks. For pike use double or triple hooks.

Now it’s time to stick the live bait and send it out to lure pike, pre-tying the sling or strengthening it on the surface. Pike may wind up at poklevke a lot of cord, so it is recommended to have a length up to 15 meters. When you swallow live bait pike overreach. It so happens that the bait he cut the cord. To avoid this, you can split a piece of slingshot. However, there is a danger that the split will trigger the breakage of the fishing line.

The can help the normal office gum. Another way is to use a for fixing the insulating tape. In the manufacture of the slingshot need to choose a sinker so that the bait could not lift it off the bottom. Rog gear should be sanded with emery paper to avoid the rush of fishing line with a strong bite. In some cases the horns are painted a bright color so as not to miss a bite. Line while there are no strikes, hides the color of the slingshot. At the time when the fish grabbed the bait, the line begins to escape from the sling and opens it to the painted surface.

To buy in the store ready imitation fish is unlikely, because it’s not really sporty kind of fishing. Sometimes tackle from bamboo. A talented artisan and fisherman prefers to do tackle this myself. The material goes into its production is different, even the spokes of the bike. Some craftsmen bring out the plywood, aluminum, polymers. Fishermen typically use several slingshots – Gerlich, because pike sometimes manages to grind the teeth line and leave. This happens infrequently, but it is better to be alert. Despite some difficulties, slingshot fishing is becoming increasingly popular, because this kind of fishing can engage both adult and teen.

The proposed type of fishing is very interesting because you have to explore hard to reach human space, it is possible to test your powers of observation and endurance.

A good gift for all the problems and difficulties encountered on the way, will be caught pike.

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