The pike fishing on the balancer in the winter

The pike fishing on the balancer to vzimku

Lovers of winter fishing for pike perfect saw. This lure became very popular due to its ulovistost and versatility. The main advantage of the balancer is the ability to attract the attention of even the inactive pike in the period of strong frosts, which distinguishes it from those of Gerlich.


Selecting gear, you need to remember that pike is a large and powerful predator, has a very sharp teeth and powerful jaws. Therefore, all equipment must have a good margin of safety.

1. Rod. Durable, with pen in hand. A hard whip, a length of about half a meter. Such spinning can withstand the bite of a large pike and successfully damping the jerks.

2. Coil. The best bet multipliers, which have the function of setting the brake. Often ready winter fishing rods are equipped by them. Otherwise, a simple coil of large diameter with a friction brake.

3. Fishing line. It is best to use fluorocarbon line – it has a good safety margin and invisible in the water, which is very important in the winter when the fish are overly cautious and fearful. In addition, she has a high resistance to abrasion and wetting. But this is a fairly expensive option.

You can successfully put a simple monofilament fishing line thickness 0,25-0,4 mm. in addition to low cost it has another advantage – the flexibility that will compensate for the load on the rod and reel. The drawback – the more depth, the more it stretches and distorts the movement of the balance weight in the game. If there is a big pike, then put fishing line with a diameter of 0.5 mm or more, but it becomes too noticeable.

Put the braid is actually the thaw – in the frost it hardens and loses its elasticity.

4. Leash. The pike fishing on the balancer in the winter involves the compulsory use of a leash. Your tooth predator can cut the line and go along with the bait. The best option – tungsten leash length of 20-25 cm.

To improve the tackle will help the installation of a gatehouse. In the winter, especially during severe cold, the bite of a pike, as a rule, single and a pointer will not allow you to miss the right moment.

Should stock up on additional tools that facilitate fishing:

• bugarcic, helps to pull the pike out of the hole;

• extractor or zevnik to safely remove the hook from its mouth.

Balancers for pike

Balancer, unlike spinners, apparently copies of a small fish. Has three hooks, two of which are fixed tips up in the head and tail of the lure. The bottom is movably mounted tee, which is usually enough and fish. Loop the fishing line is on the «back» of the lure. Because of this fastening the balancer is in the horizontal position in the water, which in contrast to the upright spinners, making it as similar to the real fish.

balansia for pike

The main characteristics of the balance weight for pike

The parameters of the lure should match the type of fish, which is fishing. Balancer for pike has the following features:

1. The size of the balance weight is large, the length ranges from 6 to 12 cm In some cases, the size may vary: in gluhozime when biting very low use balance weights 5-6 cm, and when fishing trophy and you can put 15 inch bait. Weight depends on depth of fishing and the presence of currents.

2. The colours are not only important for very active bite, when the predator catches everything indiscriminately. In other cases, the wrong color can ruin the fishing.

Main color:

• perch, roach, carp – mimic the color of the main prey of pike;

• acid – apply in muddy water. Triggered infrequently, but can help out in the absence of biting;

• basic catchability colors – silver, blue, yellow, green;

• white rocker with red head – almost always shows a good result.

ulovistye balancer for pike to vzimku

3. The size of the tee – no. 4-6. If you purchased the balancer costs less hook, then it should be replaced, otherwise there will be frequent gatherings of extraction.

Types of lures

Each manufacturer are the types of lures, which differ in structure:

• tail has the classic tail – during lifting-descent always remain in a horizontal position;

• fur feathers of the tail in winter are rarely used, only in times of thaws and at shallow depths. In the bitter cold plumage corsets, breaking the balancing of the lure;

• narrow nose – slow down at the top and bottom points. Apply only in water bodies with stagnant water;

• with a complicated head – when down head down, and when you stop perform a coup and swap the position of the tail and the head, which resembles a convulsive movement of a wounded fish, which predator draws attention in the first place;

• silicone – special distribution has not received. But fans of silicone balancers claim that they show excellent results in low bite and low activity of fish.

The main advantages of balancers

The prevalence of balance weights when fishing in the winter has contributed to a number of advantages that give them an advantage over other lures:

• very high similarity to a real fish – a natural prey of predators;

• three hooks increase the probability of reliable production gear;

• large selection of colors, sizes, external shapes, giving the ability to pick up any for any conditions of the balancer;

• purchased for winter fishing balancers can be used in other times of the year.

What to look for when buying

The main requirement of the balance – maintaining the horizontal position in limbo. The deviation is not more than 10 degrees. Faulty lures, one of the parties that is heavily weighted, you will not be able to provide the correct game and is able to scare predators away. The same effect would happen if the tail is fixed with a skew.

On the ring for attaching the bait should be no burrs and chips that can damage the line and cause it to open.

Stinger front and rear of the hook facing up. The exception is a model for shallow water when the bait beats while playing on the bottom edge of the ice and blunts the hook.

To avoid all these defects should carefully inspect the bait when buying and try to buy only high-quality beams of well-known brands.

Search places and tactics for catching

Successful pike fishing on the balancer in the winter would be the case if the location of the predator is correct. Pike in winter leads a solitary lifestyle, oblasova the occupied territory. Eats less in gluhozime becomes sluggish and slow.

The first two to three weeks after the ice covering a body of water, the predator maintains a high activity. Often found in dense thickets of underwater vegetation at depths up to 5 meters. Often leaves and in shallow water.

In the middle of winter, when significantly decreasing the level of oxygen in the water, the fish goes into deep space, where he spent most of the time, leaving them only for feeding.

Catchability points:

– pit;

– eyebrows;

– drop offs;

– changes of the bottom topography with differences of depths;

– the accumulation of stones and other places where it is easy to ambush.

In very great depth the pike to the bottom is not lowered, and sh should be the middle layer of water.

In gluhozime it is better to catch pike in rivers, where it is more active – the amount of oxygen in the water over is always higher than in standing.

With the approach of spring pike begins to prepare for spawning and moves to active feeding. You can find it in places where fry and small fishes – shallow water, channel of streams and rivers, the runoff of meltwater.

On an unfamiliar body of water good guide can serve as traces of the old holes. The thicker they are located at the site, the more often caught, therefore, the chance for a high efficiency space increases.

For the selected location, drill sufficient number of holes shall be at least five, but better than 10-15. The distance between 7-12 meters. If you have doubts about your choice, it is better to make 5-6 holes at a great distance. After the bite in some of them it is possible to drill 2-3 more wells in close proximity.

Oblaivanie starts with the first hole drilled – yet to be made, fish to starting point rest from the noise produced by fishing. To find out a good hole or not, it is enough to do 8-10 cycles of the game bait. In the absence of bites you need to go to the next hole and so on. Neulovimye wells should be tested again after the completion of the harvest of others.

The technique of playing the balancer

Without knowledge of techniques of playing the bait for pike on the balancer in the winter impossible. To attract the predator, the movement of the balance weight should be accurately copy the movements of natural prey. This can be achieved with a good command of the tackle, correct calculation of pauses, speed and frequency of strokes. The beginner at first will be difficult, but with practice the accuracy movements will be worked out to automatism. The main thing – desire.

The pike fishing on the balancer to vzimku

The basic techniques of the game when fishing for pike:

1. The balancer is lowered to half depth and produced a smooth stroke in a small height. Then follows a pause of 5-7 seconds and the bait falls below. With each cycle the balancer goes down. When you reach the bottom produced a few punches on the ground, after which the lure rises to 10-15 cm and follows a few strokes with pauses.

This method helps to find out the horizon, which holds pike and continue to catch at the desired depth.

2. The balancer reaches the bottom, held for a short pause (2-3 seconds) and a sharp stroke with the rise of the bait at 15-20 cm followed by a free fall to the bottom and pause. The number of cycles 7-10.

When fishing on the course will fit both, only the movement should be more energetic.

In the absence of bites you can change the length of pauses, the height of the bait in each case, the behavior of pike in different ways. Many anglers produce their equipment, which is considered the most true – all this comes with experience.

It is very important to know how the balancer is moved in the water column. It is better to experience it in the filled bathtub in clear water it is easy to work out the movement, seeing the movement of the lure.

Recommendations to increase catch:

• Benefits of the predator are very difficult to predict, so the pike fishing on the balancer in the winter involves the use of several baits are changed in the process.

• Quick change of the balancer will ensure that the carabiner attached to the line. When fishing for pike carabiner for fastening the bait must be small in size, but made of sturdy thick wire.

• The balance needs to tease the pike and cause it to throw. This should change the duration of the breaks and make sharp strokes with the vibrations from side to side.

• The hole should darken prisypaya sludge – water reflections scare pike, complicating supply to the hole and pulling on the ice.

• Begin to sh in the hole better than a large balance wheel (10 or more cm) to ward off small, but stubborn predator – perch. Next is the lure of the appropriate size.

• You should frequently inspect the line in the process of catching – she is damaged on the edge of the ice, which could trigger breakage.

The pike fishing on the balancer in the winter – a good way to ensure a good catch in almost any weather. But it is necessary to make a number of efforts to drill a lot of holes to move across the pond to play actively bait, provoking the predator. Therefore, the balancer will bring true pleasure to fans of active fishing.

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