The pike fishing on Popper

I catch pike in summer, Anapa in the Meadowlands. As the Popper is a surface lure, then drive it slowly and continuously. Many make the mistake when you throw a lure at the same place and caught a pike first time, and do not in any case impossible. The main thing in this fishing never to Popper very quickly, because pike can see that it’s not the real bait. The best accessories for pike is Spinning, braided fishing line, good coil and of course the Popper. As Popper large, treble hooks, which give more chance of hooking the pike and the fact that she wouldn’t relapse.

I will present one piece of advice on the subject, «if the pike fell»:

Here’s a tip — if pike was broke or badly caught on the bait, only then you throw the bait in place and keep it as slowly as possible, then pike will bite again.

Is it possible that pike will cut the line? To this question I will answer. Only then when you mess up the line on his muzzle and all. It so happens that pike or swallows the bait and then pull out the Popper becomes difficult. I am in such situations I use only one forceps. Firstly, they are small and can flattery in the mouth of even a small pike. Secondly, they can normally catch the hook and pull it out without any damage pike. He Popper is a small fish, which with every movement of the fishing line dives and floats, what makes pike, excited and attack the Popper. In my experience the fish was off more than ten times.

If you are interested in this bait, it can be bought in any fishing store. So briefly, my advice to you is to try to catch pike on Popper. Good catch!

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