The pike fishing on nezatseplyayki

Sometimes in the hot days of mid-summer it sometimes happens that the predator not the lure, no bait. It seems fish was not at all. And so it happens in the most efficient areas first, where recently the pike violently enough simple spinners. «Globalite» has its own characteristics. Fish is in the shade aquatic grasses and snags. And in such places it is impossible to take the usual baits. Here can help uncoupled spinners and other trompe l’oeil, which also belong to nezatseplyayki.

The main difference is nezatseplyayki protection hook spring tape-mustache. Also the hook is hidden in the body of the lure. Another way to protect have a spinner-bayts, where the open hook protects shackle from rotating vlasenkoa. Bracket located in front of the hook and the bait passes freely through the grass, Bouncing off the driftwood and snags. While protecting the hook does not interfere with the reliable cutting. But the spinning reel for fishing nezatseplyayki tough, is ultra-fast and fast action. Only then the cutting will be successful. In addition, the tackle should be powerful, because the bait will often have to push through the grass. This increased capacity have spinning with the dough 30 grams and above. Because of the lure can be of different weights, it is better to have a few spinning rods. This is usually the short rod at around 2.1-2.4 meters.



The great value has a precision balanced gear, where the center of gravity is located in the coil in front of it. This is achieved by the free play of reception twitching only with the help of a hand. Snatch this game often causes the greatest number of bites.

You should pay attention to the amount of near to the coil ring. If it is too small diameter, the line will be bent, and in its movement in the ring will have runout. Rings must be installed on the seam of the rod where his very hard part.

For fishing nezatseplyayki use powerful coil, where the leading gear extended, and the coil itself is an instant show stopper. It is necessary to pay attention to the spool of line bale, which should prevent unauthorized dumping, and therefore should be securely fixed. Besides all the better to give preference to the worm gear, which promotes the proper laying of the line. In some cases, you can use a baitcasting reel.

To achieve hard hooking is better to use braided line. It has no stretch, sweep, and will be reliable at any distance from the shore.

The successful nezatseplyayki include Minnow Spoon, as well as the so-called kwasnowski spoon lures.

In addition to the oscillating uncoupled spinners use a foam decoys, where sting double pressed firmly against the body of poranki. In silicon slakah and vibrohvosta single offset hook is hiding in the body of the lure. This often prevents reliable cutting, but the use of these baits is often necessary.

Brand uncoupled spoons, Rapala Minnow Spoon have shifted the centre of gravity forward, creating a distinctive and effective game. This principle is embraced by many well-known manufacturers and master craftsmen.

Often usual silicone spoons are provided with worms or twisters. This protects hook and makes the bait attractive and unusual game.

Silicone long john are also a number catchability nezatseplyayki. They must be mounted on an offset hook and briskly slid into the toughest areas and among the grasses. During posting, when the lure touches the bottom, it could grasp and perch.

Feature of foam fish is non-standard game, where if you speed post the lure rest on the bottom in a vertical position. Often the grip is going in this phase of the transaction when the foam fish fluctuates under the pressure of the flow and damped oscillations after the winding mechanism.

As already mentioned, hook spinner-Bayt are protected by the handle, wherein rotating the petal. In addition to protection functions, this design is very attractive to predators because rotary lobe plays in the jets of water, and makes sounds. There are such delights and buzz-bayts, but instead of a petal on the axis of rotating a small propeller. Hooks and the other charms hooked rubber thread or twisters. These lures are considered the most efficient among nezatseplyayki, as with protection, the hooks are always open for the fish to bite.

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