The pike fishing late autumn

Fishing is one of the ancient ways of obtaining food by man. Even in ancient times, the man was fishing using a stick, the end of which was fastened a sharp stone. As for the present time, and now people are fishing in a similar way, just a stick with a sharp stone replaces jail, has several jagged and sharp peaks, made of high quality alloy and has a solid carbon fiber handle. With regard to hunting for predatory fish, it is now used not only spears, but also many varieties of fishing lures, fishing with a line, fly fishing and trolling. Speaking specifically about the pike, we can say that this predator is caught almost all year round. Since the winter, when you can catch pike on the imitation fish using as bait live bait, and ending in late autumn, when the pike can be caught on ordinary iron spoons and cemetery. If the pike bite in the winter is not intense enough, and sometimes pike can’t find at all, fishing is much more fun. Good pike bite in late autumn is primarily associated with the early dawn, when the fish is gaining fat reserves for the winter. Autumn zhor pike usually starts from mid September and will last until freezing pond.

If you got it on «Jordan», then the choice of bait should stay on the one which has more hooks. As pike during the autumn hunting almost not legible and mostly not naughty, for example, the color of the bait that is often found in the summer. Preference should be given to the bright lures, especially during the gloomy rainy days when the water visibility is much reduced. On a Sunny day you can use both bright and dark lures.

The type of bait can be any. It is desirable to give preference to silicone lures and suspenders. Not recommended for use in late autumn surface lures (poppers, wobblers «nulevka», bait from floating silicone)as a pike with the onset of cold weather gets in the pit and goes down almost to the bottom. By the way pike of small size can still swim in the middle water column or on the surface, but usually does not take, and just basking in the sun.

So, when choosing a place for catching pike, it is enough to find the deepest pit, where at first glance, pike is nowhere to hide. In fact, in this contradiction there is logic. A predator hiding at the very bottom, where it is dark and with enough light you can virtually see all the fish floating on the predator.

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