The pike fishing in winter

There are several periods in the winter pike fishing with artificial lures with ice. There is distinct stages of pervolakia, gluhozime and last ice. And each of them has its own peculiarities.

By parvaldu, during the formation of ice to catch pike you need in the first place in the coastal zone, which only started to become the ice edge, where there is aquatic vegetation, reeds, shallows, deep under the icy crust reaches 20-30 cm to Know this place very easily by interest rates. The pike fishing in winter with artificial lures must be approached a bit creatively, with emphasis not so much on finding places to fish, but on the behavior of other fishermen. Usually, this bookie’s – main competitors any angler. They always know exactly in which parts of the lake you can catch pike. If fishing takes place in an unknown body of water and it is obvious that the operators are in the channel or along the coast — that’s where you need to go.

The first-ice pike stretches to the shallows. So start fishing pike in winter in places where just starting to become thin ice. During this period, you cannot neglect the caution driving on ice. Despite the fact that at the beginning of winter, the pike is actively feeds on small fish and can be caught on artificial bait. If you act wrong, not adhering to a specific schema, all efforts will be doomed to failure.

In gluhozime to find the predator is much harder, so many anglers are limited to fishing on parvaldu. But in vain! After this period for successful fishing you only need to change a little strategy. During the period of gluhozime pike moved to places deeper, so you need to act. After the period of Pervolia, the focus is only on the deep edge. In order to find them, experienced fishermen are guided by fishermen-the bookie’s, and bottom topography. Will have to drill a lot of holes in search of slopes as well as snags and submerged areas with various anomalies of the bottom. In such places, the pike fishing in winter will be more productive. To find the fish on the deep edge, will have to drill a few holes at a distance of about 10 meters from each other. Moreover, you will have to drill until then, until there is a difference in depth. After this distance can be safely reduced to 5 meters. All wells thoroughly fished, focusing on the length of the line at the differential depth. It is noticed that the pike in the winter are best caught or at the bottom, or on the uppermost parts of the edge. Such places need to pay special attention. And in order not to miss them, will often have to be drilled. The main thing to remember is that when drilling you can remove from the hole too much ice, because in the place of catching is to get the extra light that could adversely affect the final result. The reason is that in the light of any bait can be lost, and the fish simply do not notice.

When traveling on ice is a great attention should be paid to the disguise. It is best effective for pike in the winter suitable inhomogeneous spots: sometimes transparent, sometimes dark, dull, slightly powdered with snow. Pike respond well to vibration, therefore to move on the ice will have to be very careful. Also a big role in successful winter pike plays such a factor as the high sensitivity of fish to sound. She can perfectly hear any shaking of ice. Sometimes it happens that the bet worked, but the coil itself does not rotate, so after the pike swallowing the bait is in place. Should the angler closer to the hole as the fish begins to run, hearing the loud steps. Moreover, there is not only the first thin ice, when the fish can even see the fishermen, but even the thick ice, which happens in mid and late winter.

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