The pike fishing in the winter.

The desire to prove himself a hunter certainly is maturing in every man. These instincts and pushed many citizens to fairly extreme classes, which include both summer and winter fishing.

And it is unlikely fishermen on the ice fishing is driving the desire to replenish food stocks, we are talking primarily about the fulfillment of the ambition of the hunter and miner, the search for thrills and satisfaction from life.

After all , fish bought in a store in no way can fill those feelings that overwhelm the fisherman during his fishing, perhaps not always successfully. What can be a real success? Big pike, probably to gratify the ambition of the fisherman. How much to exercise patience and knowledge to catch in the winter so cunning and resourceful predator. In this case, the important caution, extreme attention to detail and of course, excellent knowledge about the habits of pike.

Fish is a common inhabitant of many water bodies, and if important catch large specimens, they can be found in rivers flowing in the Northern part of Russia, here, if you’re lucky, you can grab the giants more than fifteen pounds. In an old manuscript we read that the fishermen of previous years sometimes mined pikes, having a weight of forty-eight pounds. Pike has a purely individualistic terms, she doesn’t tend to gather in flocks, it controls its territory.

To all this large specimens are choosing locations closer to the bottom, and the young prefer to hunt in coastal waters or in shallow water, they also love to be in reed beds, snags. Pike lives alone, so don’t expect that will be able to find the whole of the perch pack. Experienced anglers know how to choose places where it is possible to arrange the holes and it helps to get the predator.

The main rule of the fisherman which is fishing, you need to ensure its own security. When the thickness of the ice at least five centimeters. Fishing should start exactly convinced of the strength lidosta. And the onset of spring warmth should signal the cessation of fishing. To catch on the hooks under the ice during this period, many fishermen prefer using the principle of simplicity and compactness of equipment. However, a winter version of the imitation fish is slightly different from the summer.

— 0,1-0,15 KGS – price efforts to trigger the latch;

— backlash-free axis of the coil;

— leash should have a length of not less than twenty-five centimeters;

the unwinding of the coil should be accompanied by energy;

the sleeve material is Teflon, which has a quality of hardiness;

— cold resistant materials are used for the manufacture of stand

Design of spinning – a special theme. Be sure the top needs to possess the qualities of softness and elasticity, it is extremely necessary in order to raise production from the wells and not to break with this tackle. Line for this fishery must have a diameter not less than half a millimeter. The best option of hunting on pike is a live bait fishing.

Many fishermen as bait, choose small fish. Pike – extremely cautious and cunning fish, quite sensitive perceives the world, so it picks up the slightest sounds, recording the presence of fishermen. That is why you should not unnecessarily make noise on the shore and clearly give away your presence. Only by knowing certain rules and regulations, it is possible to strike the predator, in case of activation of the locking mechanism of imitation fish.

Noting the peculiarities of the amplitude of oscillation of the line, it is possible to draw conclusions about the nature of the movement of pike under water, the manifestation of interest in the bait. Only in case of complete ingestion of the bait you can do the cutting. Deep penetration of the hook into the jaws allows you to carry out the operation of pulling a pike out of the hole. Do not make a sharp hasty movements that will cause damage to gear their breakup.

Pike is quite a persistent predator who is able long to resist, so nastojashi for patience and to fight, especially if the pike will be quite large. This production will be able to show a special resistance when exiting the hole. You should enlist the help of a small hook, to make it easier to pull the pike. The catch will be an indicator of the skill of the fisherman and to fully satisfy the ambition of the hunter.

So, who is going to going fishing for pike in the winter, we invite you on a fishing trip to Astrakhan. Fishing in Astrakhan in the winter is indescribable pleasure for Amateurs and professionals. Believe me, without pike you will not be, a good catch is guaranteed.

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