The pike fishing in the winter on a bet

The rate charged baitfish on most waters is the gear that gives the maximum chance of catching a winter predator. For this reason, the bet remains a popular tackle. On the other hand, there are fishermen who really enjoy the process of betting opportunity – all this fuss with installing of gear, with the extraction and preservation of cuttings etc. Like catching the mesmerizing complexity of the process, not allowing to relax for a short winter day. And of course, the rate is the main trump card against large and particularly large predatory fish of our waters – trophy pike. Another important issue is the choice of bait, especially when purchased carp pike takes feeble. About the «best» shanks said a lot, that’s just often what the fish predator today, takes so and not to get caught on the jig. In honor of the winter pike perch, roach, bream, ruff, and sometimes other decent cuttings. But only the most versatile for almost all bodies of water can be called a minnow. His pike, even in a sluggish and inactive condition, does not skip ever. For more efficient harvesting of the ice space of the river, the fishermen used a flexible strategy of placing bets. Part of the gear is exposed at depth, and part of it broke. If in the morning on some kind of bet will be caught pike, this rate is always left in place, because toward evening it is very likely another pike bite. The lion’s share of non-performing other rates adjusted to the same depth, where triggered «cool». Especially often tolerated shallow coastal bets every hour and a half of their shift about fifty feet from the shore in the direction of depth. And so until then, until you go bite. The main question that arises in the winter anglers-the bookie’s to put or not to put a metal leash. Still, it is no simple answer or solution. «Metal-free» snap in most cases brings more bites pike, but regular snacks of optimism do not add anyone. The result is most often used superfine tungsten leashes, or leashes of the dual line. As for the hooks, as before, in parallel, are used by fishermen of both single and conventional doubles and tees. However, the most common option is the double hook, two stings which is enough for reliable hooking and holding pikes. It is important that the counterpart has the remarkable property of «quick release» that helps to use different ways of mounting the bait, to vary the size of the hook or just quickly replace the hook.

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