The pike fishing in the spring

Hello dear fishermen. The pike fishing in the spring is a very interesting and fun, but to catch a predator during this period, the angler need to show restraint and patience, since the main task is to find pike is in the spring meadows, following a small fish which is its main diet. As you know, in this article we will talk about pike fishing in the spring. The pike fishing in the spring, as I said in the first place connected with the search of Parking places of the predator. In the spring of the fisherman the skills required accurate casting, as almost always, have to throw the bait into the perspective point, which is podtopleny Bush or flooded twigson. Spinning for fishing in the spring average order – this will allow you to perform accurate and long casts. Fast action is not necessary, as the pike fishing in the spring will not be carried out on a staged transaction. The length of spinning depends on the size of the river or lake where you will catch. Usually, spinning a length of 2.4 meters is enough for fishing in any conditions: whether it’s a small river with banks covered with vegetation or a relatively large pond. Fishing line for pike in the spring should be strong. This is due, primarily, to the fact that during this period water floods large areas of land and, as a consequence, there is a lot of invisible hooks. And the thicker you will have a braided cord for spring fishing, the more chance that you will not lose your favorite lure or Wobbler, which, by the way, for pike in the spring are rarely used due to the above causes. The optimum line diameter for the spring pike, in my opinion, is 0.18 mm. In some cases it is advisable to use thinner or thicker strings – it all depends on sakurazensen of the reservoir size and expected production.

Bait used for catching pike in the spring, are full of its diversity – it can be either oscillating or rotating the spinner and silicone fish or wobblers. I also prefer silicone baits, as they are, in my opinion, are best suited for these purposes. This can be explained by several reasons: their relatively low cost, the possibility of different types of mounting of the hook, including equipment bait offset hook, which for spring pike fishing will be very opportunely. Also quite successful in this period, to use for pike various rotating and oscillating spinner. They are particularly well suited for fishing on high water flooded parts of the reservoir, where the depth does not exceed half a meter.

In the first place to look for pike in the spring are required on shallow flooded land areas where the water is well heated and go out to soak up the first rays of the sun small fish. After a trifle on such shallows going out to hunt and pike. Also the pike fishing in the deep holes. In such places, as a rule, come across larger specimens, while on the rocks usually are pike up to pounds, rarely more. Tactics for catching pike in the spring is to find fish with the right presentation. Finding a small waterlogged Bush needed before reaching the coast about 3-5 feet to make an accurate throw to the perspective point, then do the wiring as it is possible more slowly, to entice even lethargic predator. If you do it right, and in this place will stand the pike, the strike will follow immediately. With the advent of may, pike begins to feed actively – this period is called Joram. At this time, the pike fishing can be absolutely any bait, because the predator in this period is missing everything that moves and is not very selective. By this time the water in the reservoir begins to go down, and pike goes in the mainstream of the river or lake. Look for it to be useful in places where water is seen from grass or reeds. In such a perspective points pike arranges an ambush waiting for unwary prey.

Thus, the pike fishing in the spring is reduced to the choice of the right location of catching and finding fish, as well as an important part of successful fishing is the skill of the angler to make precise casts. Thank you for your attention.

Good luck!

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