The pike fishing in the fall

The activity of pike is dependent on the temperature of water in the reservoir, because, as you know, fish are cold-blooded animals. Therefore, when reducing the ambient temperature all biological processes in the body slow down, as the fish tries to conserve energy. Pike in the fall can be very long to wait for their prey in the woods. Therefore, the production he is interested in a larger order of strength was spent. The water temperature in the fall may reach the mark of winter, and only on a small shallow water it may be slightly warm. It is noticed that since the end of October and almost to the freezing activity of pike is of short duration. Therefore, the main task of the angler at this time to get to it. The pike fishing in the autumn in the night-time has always saved the situation, the conclusion is that the most active pike always falls on the second half of the day.

During pike fishing in the fall you can not forget about the weather conditions that influence fishing success. In particular, a great role have the lighting conditions and the stability of the pressure. It would seem that in warm Sunny weather the pike should start to actively hunt. However, it is, on the contrary, trying to hide from the sunlight. Yes, and the prey starts to behave quite differently, so it becomes almost invincible, or moved to those parts of the body of water that the pike can’t get in. In the autumn the water becomes more transparent, which is very depressing pike. Also in cloudy weather, most likely the pressure or stand still, or slightly falling. This factor has a positive effect on fishing for pike in the fall. The wind also has a special effect on the bite. Rather, in its absence, the pike becomes more fearful. However, the strong wind will also contribute to the predator.

Remember!!! You can never compare the comfort of weather factors for a person with the same comfort factor for pike. The success of pike in the autumn a considerable influence of the phase of the moon.

It is seen that the first and last quarter of the moon just fall on the peak of pike activity. It’s hard to explain, but fact is fact.

We should not forget about the influence the correct choice of lures on the success of pike in the fall. It is impossible to know exactly what the fish to bite better, but the main types of bait still to be defined. Turntables and wobblers – the two main baits. But you can’t overlook spoons. Their main drawback – the inability of the slow transactions, because the pike autumn is not very fast. Advise some wobblers and turntables does not make sense, since a huge impact on the bite have the terrain and the forage base of the reservoir. Crankbaits it is best to choose a floating, easy to play, measuring at least 12 cm and thin forms. At low speed they should be visible pronounced the game with a wide amplitude. Turntables should have broad petals №№ 4-5, work well at low speeds.

Success in fishing for pike in the fall depends on the perseverance of the angler. But we should not linger long in one place. No need to wait for Sunny weather and go fishing in spite of the weather conditions and then you will succeed!


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