The pike fishing in the early months of spring

Almost all anglers fishing for pike in the early months of spring is interesting and memorable, thus expected with great impatience. Usually for pike in the spring, fishermen use a boat and depth sounder.

Application of sonar for the spring fishing for pike is necessary because with sonar you can easily detect the places where the small fish. Pike generally prefers to be on the edges of these clusters.

Spring pike is better to catch at the sideline. The boat must be placed on the anchor so that the reproach could be oriented toward the coast and the lure can go down the wing or off the rocks at depth.

The angler should not be upset in the absence of sounder, because you can always find a better way out. Instead of the sounder at the spring fishing for pike you can use a more affordable device, for example, gauge cord on which knots are tied.

For spring pike fishermen often use noisy lures to increase the mobility of the pike. For example, for the manufacture of such lures, you can use a regular jig lure whose tail attach rattles of iron in the form of balls. Such devices in the game of a shad is able to create a big Bang with a certain frequency. Noise rattles, usually attracts pike and Angers her.

Spring fishing for pike fisherman should perform, given the known dependence of the behavior of this predatory fish in March and April from changes in atmospheric pressure. Pike, as a rule, quickly enough react to the slightest changes in atmospheric pressure.

When you change atmospheric pressure pike is able to fall into a daze that makes spring fishing for pike is absolutely ineffective. But when you save for several days of constant atmospheric pressure, the behaviour of pike becomes active.

For effective fishing for pike in the spring, the angler should focus on the days with no sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. When fishing for pike in March, before charges fishing is always to look at the barometer.

As baits for spring fishing for pike anglers use small twisters of size seven to twelve inches, and also light, narrow and small spinners fans. Such bait anglers consider to be the most efficient.

When fishing for pike in March or April, there is no need to make long casts, so for this area you can also use a short rod.

Fishing for pike in the spring should be considering the fact that early spring in a bright and relatively warm quiet days pike prefer to be near the ice edge. It is in such places should try to look for pike, especially Northern pike in this weather loves to float on the surface of the water, not forgetting to be careful and observant.

In the afternoon, just before sunset, pike trying to swim closer to shore to be placed on the flanks or in places with sudden changes in depths. With this arrangement, the pike can be caught using silver spinners, vibrohvosta, white and yellow twisters.

In bright Sunny weather experienced fishermen to enjoy spring fishing for pike lures pale and inconspicuous silicone lures.

Pike, as befits a predatory fish, very rarely is able to give his best in the water. But knowledge of the habits of the pike and use the experience of seasoned fishermen help even a novice to conduct a successful fishing for pike in the spring.

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