The pike fishing in September

September is sometimes, when the pike is especially good begins to bite. Quite cold nights, frequent rains contribute to the cooling of water at the surface. But in late September the temperature at the surface and at the bottom is equalized, and the oxygen concentration becomes the same. All this affects the behavior of pike. In addition, behavior of the pike changed its internal forebodings of approaching winter, which makes it hard to feed and gain fat for the winter.

Successful pike fishing in September month due to the fact that she’s starting to fall feeding period.

In September it is difficult enough to accurately point out the specific place where the pike will be more successful. Pike, after leaving their summer hideout all the time moves across the pond. She moved in search of small fish. During this period, she saw the prey, rushing after her, not paying attention to anything that in other seasons for this fish is not typical. So, September is the month in which the pike is caught on almost any tackle and a bait. The greatest result when lowle pike in September will bring spinning with various lures.

If you catch pike from the shore, then a great option is the rod, whose length is about three meters and a dough weight of 40 grams. The best gear for this fishing rods will be reliable bezinertsionnaja coil, however, some fishermen prefer baitcasting or conventional inertia reel.

You need to give preference to reliable and trusted manufacturer. Typically, the diameter of the line depends on the expected production, however, the best option is a diameter of 0.28 mm, but you can use less – 0.18 mm using braid.

Catch pike in September must be using a leash and its reliability must be guaranteed. Depending on the conditions of the reservoir sometimes you just need to use the boat. In this case, long spinning can be replaced by a shorter, about 2.5 meters. Line and coil can not be changed. Additionally you should have zevnik, extractor and light, if fishing takes place at night.

Small pike are pliable and usually in order to remove it, no need to make special efforts. Copies of the larger will to fight, and in order for them to pull out of the water ,need wide, with a fairly long handle landing net. Using Wobbler as bait for removal, you can also use the hook, but be careful doing it from the boat.

As noted above, the pike fishing in September is almost any bait. To influence the choice here may be only the reservoir. For example, if the depth of the reservoir is small and it occurs in many plants, the most suitable small turntables with silver petals. If the pond open and clean, then a great option will be standard spoons assorted colors and sizes.

In fact, in September, you can successfully experiment with different baits, in particular those still visible results did not bring. Experienced fishermen know that in every body of water has its own special unwritten rules that should be followed: somewhere effectively becomes a Wobbler, and somewhere in the pike fishing in September is best done on a «turntable». Every spinner has their favorite gear, so we can clearly say that pike caught better. The only thing that the autumn fishing for pike on live bait is usually not particularly successful, as it is very difficult to catch, as of fish in water rather passive at this time because of the cold water.

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