The pike fishing in pokidko

The pike fishing in pokidko very exciting. The best option with the boat, but from shore. Fishing better together. One rowing, the other with a fishing rod. For this fishing you will need: rod 5 – 6m in length, a more rigid, small inertia reel, fishing line with a diameter of 0.5 mm long 15metrov, a float of solid foam the size of a chicken egg, a metal leash and a tee. All this is mounted in place on the river. Bait fish are caught here on a special rod with a small hook. The process of fishing is done along the wall of reeds. The best conditions are when the weather is windy and the river low tide. The wind gives a wave, and creates noise and your movement along the wall of the cane, not so much will scare the fish. Low tide gives the advantage that the pike in this situation is to wait closer to the front edge of the reeds. If the river inflow, together with water, pike goes on in the reeds. In this situation, if you go and catch pike along the front line of the cane bites will be much less. If there are any indentations from the front lines, here at high tide to catch better.

To go on the boat you need at a distance of 7 – 8m, and even more from the proposed site of the Parking lot of pike, and from this distance to throw the bait. It put on a tee to the back, making the puncture, just above the bone. If you touch prebetic, the stalk will lose activity and vitality, and it will have to be replaced. The distance between the float and a cargo of 20 – 30cm. Depth of fishing by this method is 0.5 – 1 m in a favourable situation With a lot of bites. Of course, large specimens are rare, mostly pike 1 – 2kg Sail must be quiet, like sneaking up to the place where you decided to throw the bait. Too close to the reeds can not throw: first, you can catch and scare the fish, and second — it is necessary to give the fry to swim freely. At poklevke the float goes sharply down. Pause for a moment and hook.

Over time, you will almost infallibly identify the places where to throw the bait. Pike chooses an ambush where possible the emergence of fry. As such the fishing better in the fall, the small baitfish still lives in these shallow areas where water warms up quickly. You can also walk along the shore and toss live bait to the intended site Parking pike.

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