The pike fishing in October

Experienced fishermen know that pike love cold water and hence reducing water temperature in mid-autumn has a positive effect on the activity of this fish, the peak of which falls on Oct. This pike fishing in October is substantially different from fishing in any other month of the year for its devicelost. But such intensive fishing is not only a consequence of a temperature decrease, but the need for the predator to replenish its biological resources for the upcoming long winter. While pike did not hesitate to take any living creatures that she comes across, be it a leech, small fish or frog. Hunting is always accompanied by unprecedented excitement, which cannot be observed at no other time of the year.

It was always considered that the best bait for pike fishing in October is considered a large spoon or larger lure. The length of the bait should be 10-12 cm Perfect spinner type «Norway», «Baykal», «spoon», «cascade» and «success». To significantly increase the probability of biting on the baits you can use normal tees with fly. It is not necessary to forget also about adding goods to the spinners, because often there are situations when the fish swallows it, and not the bait.

For pike in October, sometimes tee is perfect double. Important point – hooks should always be facing up! This will help to significantly reduce the number of hooks tackle numerous underwater obstacles. Experienced fishermen say that it will not affect the quality and quantity of pike bites. In the autumn fishing does not need to sustain a certain pace of doing bait and depth.

There is a rule that can be applied for all reservoirs – not worth it at this time of the year to catch pike on live bait. The reason is that in October it is quite difficult to catch even one little fish. Even if this is managed, the use of such bait is not enough, because in cold water it will be very sluggish and inactive.

The most successful depth for pike in October , you can determine solely on the reservoir. For example, in Sorokoshychi pike lives mainly in shallow areas. Thus the largest specimens occur at depths of up to 7 m. But if in this case there are no takes, I need to increase the depth.

As for the length of the rod, it is in any case should not exceed 2.7 m, because this length is ideal for pike in October and from the boat and from the shore. The spinning reel should be equipped with an inertial reel with a fishing line with a diameter not exceeding 0.5 mm. If used for fishing spinning reel up to the diameter you need to take 0.3 mm. a Huge role in the fishing line playing the power play, While not forget about some extra dough. The best option would be fishing line that can hold a node up to 6 kg. If the pike fishing in October is on a deep pond, perfect twisters and vibrohvost with heavy jig heads.

October at pike, you must consider atmospheric pressure and weather conditions. It is seen that when the pressure bite will flow much better than when it is increasing. In October, in contrast to all other months, the pike bite continues all day, not only in the morning. And so it will continue until freeze-up.

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