The pike fishing in November

November – the last month in the autumn season, and almost the beginning of winter. The weather becomes cool, the reservoirs begin to appear the first ice. These climatic changes in weather conditions affect the fish. Where is the most active pike fishing in November?

Features of fishing in November

The pike fishing this month provides some of the features. For example, pike is caught as the ice and open water. Under the icy surface of pike lives in small lakes or bays, frozen by this time. Another feature of the pike in November that the fish are now trying to stock up on more fat, so it reacts to the bait. From all this it follows that in November, the fish caught is no worse than in another month, unless, of course, to be able to catch her.

Where to find pike in November?

With the onset of cold weather, the fish falls to the bottom, so it is important to remember — the cooler the temperature becomes outside, the decreased chance of catching fish, as she begins to look for a place for wintering, occasionally rising to the top.

You need to be careful when fishing for pike in November on ice, because in this period the ice thickness are generally small, and the risk of falling through the ice is great. Don’t forget that the ice thickness must be greater than four inches.

As the pike this month lies on the bottom and eat dead fish, and catching it in a dead fish. Catfishing try not to apply. Also fish for pike in November on the usual spinner, and even a large beams of different colors. The silver color balancer pike will not want to pay attention, but with the help of red-copper result of fishing will be much more effective. Early morning is the best time for pike in November. Better start catching since dawn. The afternoon bite is almost not observed. In principle, it is possible to try and in the evening, before sunset. In small ponds you can try to fish during the day.

Pike can’t always catch in deep holes. Vegetation is another habitat of this fish, you can try there. With the onset of cooler weather and the pike will be harder and harder to catch, so in any case it is better to hurry.

In November, the best pike to catch with a conventional float fishing rods, selecting a place where the weak. The bait should be cast so that it sinks to the bottom, unless, of course, does not catch in the grassy thickets. And if they are, you should still be careful and leave about a meter to the bottom.

The specifics of the pike in November

November pike caught specific. In General, the process of swallowing the bait are as follows: pike tries to swallow the bait, then stops for a while and makes no attempt to deploy the bait head first, then begins to swallow. Float in such situations manifest themselves: first, go to the side, then begin to twitch up and down, then disappear under water completely. Cutting should be done when the pike is fully swallowed the bait, so patience is not in last place.

What you need to remember on a fishing trip in November

Do not forget about their health as there can be hypothermia. Before you go fishing, you need to take some things:

  1. Warm clothes.
  2. Hot tea. Need every 15-30 minutes to drink a Cup of tea, supporting the body’s desired temperature.
  3. Food. In the fresh air, the appetite is always better than indoors. And during cold – twice. Foods should be as nutritious and high in calories.

The place could use a small fire. The tent you need to take insulated.

Take care of your health and show the results of the November catch of pike in the photos your family and friends!

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