The pike fishing in may

In the first half of may , the best place for pike are shallow rivers. As soon as they were freed from melt water, Northern pike spawning begins, and after 2 weeks you can begin to catch a predator. Fish at this time hungry, so it is fished equally well from dawn to dusk. Especially good bite in the afternoon, and night bite is a bit fades but does not disappear completely.

Experienced fishermen know that each location has its own schedule of biting, depending on its features. After spawning, the pike are hungry and therefore trying to eat a flock of small fish. The best bait for this predator is the bait. Artificial bait can also be caught, but the result will be much worse. Before fishing, it is first necessary to prepare. For the extraction of bait fish are good instances of bloodworm or small maggots. It is best to catch live bait in places where it ends for small rivers. It is recommended to catch on a normal float rod with the smallest hook (number 20). Used the thinnest fishing line – 0,15 mm. Particularly at risk for live bait at this time not expected, but anyway is time to change the water for him and try not to leave the container on the sun. It is best to fit this role, roach, perch, Dace and bream. Worst of all for this purpose, suitable roughy and Ling. You can also catch small bass and carp, but not have the same effect as the previous types. At this time, the pike, without a doubt, get the bait, although this may prevent the impact of severe flooding or water recession. Before fishing become important task – to get a very active fish that weighs about a kilogram, as the pike spawn begins after 3 years and it weighs so much. For this reason, for pike you need to collect in advance all the necessary equipment. From the gear we’ll need spinning (with a length of about two meters), fishing line (0.27 mm), metal leash, and sinker with the corresponding float. Type sinkers is best to choose an olive. Its weight must not be less than 25 grams. Before start fishing, you should make a few test casts. They will help to study the bottom topography and also check the reservoir for the presence of slime and algae. Pike, basically, you need to look in places where the current washes away the pit. In places with a high for the fish is found very rarely. This place is very well suited to the bait — he will try to behave more mobile, and this will cause even more interest from the pike. Best depth of the casting is considered to be 60 centimeters from the bottom. Live bait at this distance the most noticeable for medium and large pike. To need bait, dropping the line into the water on account, and every next time you need to stop 2 seconds before. In order to make the load less jerk, you should hold the rod on one level and line. Feel the pike bite , you felt a heavy blow on the rod. Depending on the force of impact, you can determine the size of the fish. The stronger it is, the larger the prey caught. Hooking is not necessary immediately, you must give the pike to swallow the bait. If I felt a strong blow, the fish caught and most likely will pull the bait to the bottom, in the opposite direction from the shore. When such production should be able to withstand 3-4 seconds, and then start to remove it from the water. If you come across a small specimen, then pull the bait it will be along the coast or closer to it. For this production you need a little more patience, about 10 seconds, and then pull her to shore. In the process we can’t let the fish to carry the candle, because that’s the way it often breaks down. Need to pull out smoothly, slowly. When the fish will be at the right distance, you need the net in order to get the prey out of the water.


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