The pike fishing in March

For those who know fishermen will not be a secret what to fish for pike in the spring is the most pleasant and profitable business. Already in early March, despite the fact that still in the water in some places there is ice, pike begins to actively search for food. Therefore, the fish will rush at all she will offer the fisherman: Twister, vibrohvosta, lure, live fish, or the water meter. At this time, you can catch a lot of pike trophies. This time is not only a great bite, but also the opportunity to catch enough big ones, in summer almost on the hook is not caught. In March, it is not necessary to experiment, to use winter gear and the Donk. The surest way of fishing for pike is spinning. Well, in addition to it don’t forget to take artificial lures. Activity of pike in search of food does not last long. In April pike goes to spawn. But after spawning, the bite to pick up again, but not as strong as the fish will become calm, even apathetic, and won’t be so rush for your bait. But now we have March and pike became active and hungry. In early spring fish with caviar and this is reflected in her tastes. Big fish pike are not interested. Therefore, for catching is to use crankbaits, twisters and vibrohvost size in three to five centimeters. To the spawning grounds, which is always the same, the pike every river your route. So, if you know where to draw the path, you can simplify your fishing. But know it all, and you have to sh in all the places to find a promising place. Often pike can be found in small creeks and bays, large snags. On the river it can be any place – an old cane, a small underwater hive, the swamp. In General, everything where you can hide. However, the preference should be given to creeks and small bays, as pike does not stay for long in the riverbed. You should pay attention to the fact that the quieter and calmer the place, the more options there will be a good catch. Professional fishermen are the main catch is getting it like that. The more shallow place, securezone and even half is still covered with ice, the greater the chance to find pike there. Now you should talk about the gear. For fishing we need fishing-rod «fast system». Simply put, the rod should be hard because soft would be difficult to get a feel for toothy maw of a pike, two and a half to four meters. It is desirable that the tip was soft, because it felt it would be better to tackle and control the bait. Take a spinning reels with spare spool and equip the rod. The clutch must be powerful, PREROLL quality and quiet, fishing line with a light gathering and power quality in March, can be ignored. Need to be wound On the spool of quality monofilament of 0.3-0.4 mm in diameter. Braid is better not to use due to the fact that if I hit in the cold season on the finger, the pain will be like when cut. Lures can take any, but they should be slim and compact. It happens that the pike attacks the lure in the head and may bite the line. That this did not happen, on the line of bait cost attach using tungsten leash. Often have to fish in shallow water, so the chance of hooking a big one. Judging from practice, the need for speed or slow the transaction rarely occurs. If in the place of catching pike, she might catch on any lure, even moving fast. Cut fish in March almost does not resist. To get a fish is very simple, no dash, no reversal, or other surprise. We must not forget that pike for one do not go. So, where we catch one, there will be another.

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