The pike fishing in July. Features of pike in July.

Hot summer fishing many fishermen seem useless, so the few interested. Actually this is not the correct opinion, especially in relation to the pike. The hottest summer month is July. But at this time fish need to eat, and, therefore, it will be caught in the heat, just need to know the right place and type of bait for fishing.

Of course, in hot weather Jul pike, like most other fish, trying to get to places with cooler water goes to the bottom, and in shallow water trying to hide in the seaweed. On the prowl pike only comes out early morning or evening. Now that we know where to catch pike in July, you should understand that to catch her. Given that fishing in areas rich in algae, can cause considerable damage to your stock of lures, so it’s best to use nezatseplyayki that fishing tackle shops in presented in a wide variety.

Consider some of them in more detail. Firm «KUSAMO» makes bait of the so-called «spoons» with a mustache. The advantage of these lures is that they can be used for fishing in open plots and in the grass. Kolebalki has a decent weight and streamlined shape, making flies well and is able to penetrate deep into the thicket. It was there during the July heat like to hide the large specimen pike. However, a large weight of such lures has its drawbacks: it quickly falls to the bottom, so immediately after landing, the spinners need to PREROLL. PREROLL in the following way: first, you need to slowly pull up on the grass, and when the spinner comes to space clean water, then with a small twitch to be lowered to the borders of the algae. Good this baubles and what works until the last moment, reeling and hunting for pike is a very valuable feature, as pike are often attacked directly at the water surface.

Such a bait for catching of a pike in July is a fairly common Minnou Spoon from the firm «Rapala». For fishing in the abundant thickets of this spoon is much more profitable than the previous. She falls hook up and almost never touches the grass. This bait is better to throw directly into the grass on the surface of the water, and then abruptly pulled her into the water and very slowly podmahivat, slightly moving. You can use a different version of the posting. If undergrowth is not too thick, for example, not very often growing lilies, you should try to throw the lure right on the surface of the grass, then jerk it to move it to another pot. After that, the spinner will begin to slowly sink into the water. Just at this moment, the pike will attack the bait.

The last lure, which will be discussed, called Popper-boat, equally effective for catching of a pike in the ground, overgrown with grass. It consists of Popper’s connected to something like wide lure, and the hook upward. Catch pike on this bait is very interesting, especially in places where there is grass and plenty of pure water. In the Bush you need to gently push the bait and clean water to use as a Popper. Of course, Popper-hydroplane quite often catches algae, its advantage is that it can be used where it is impossible to use a conventional Popper with treble hook. The pike well caught on this bait. Because in July the pike you want to catch only in a grassy field, when fishing can not do without braids, otherwise you can lose the entire fishing Arsenal. Moreover, in some cases you need to pull palmasola fish through the abundant undergrowth.


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