The pike fishing in January

The pike fishing in January is troublesome and not easy. When we are approaching the middle of the month, the cold intensified. And along with the cold weather increases the ice thickness. This time the pike bite is getting quite sluggish. But for a fisherman, this situation is not an obstacle. In addition, this January things even in the hands of the angler. Oxygen in water is quite small, which makes the pike are inactive and weak, incapable of serious resistance when towing.

January weakened the pike rests in the pits, almost motionless on the water. That leaves pike, the refuges only when hunger forces her to do it. The pike fishing in January, in the first place, must begin with the search and harvesting areas, which can be fish.

January fishing of pike, and one on the imitation fish the bait with the use of balance weights and lures. Fishing rods, you can use any – from simple to modern, equipped with multipliers. During pike fishing in January you must use a fishing line with a thickness of 0.22 mm and thicker. It is important to remember that the pike in January is very selective and artificial bait may not be interested in. Therefore, quality trolling is the basis of the January pike fishing.

Spinners are used may be different, at the discretion of the fisherman. It is difficult to single out any lures for catching pike in January. The only thing we can say, according to the observations of many fishing spinner at this time needs to be large enough. Due to this observation the stiffness of the pike. In this state, the predator should catch up with production a little more, be satisfied, and return to the Parking lot. Cutting when trolling needs to be fast, without any delay. As noted above, the pike in January is very selective and, feeling the artificiality of prey, the predator will try to get rid of inedible bait.

If we turn to pike fishing in January on the imitation fish, it is better to use the ones that show the bite raised a flag. Again, this is due to the stiffness of the pike. Waiting for the fish to bite may be delayed, Gerlich is a lot of flag-signalling device helps to react quickly to bites. Seeing triggered imitation fish, fishing, without undue haste, selects the line to the point until you feel the resistance of the pike. At this point you need to do cutting and start playing.

In the conclusion the main point that we should not forget, is not a weakening of the line. Because pike just waiting for this. Just felt slack, it immediately will attempt dismissal. If the sweeps were weak or hook is not sharp enough, the predator will be released and the fisherman will remain without a trophy. After the fish is brought to the hole, it’s time to think about the hook. If you forget about this device, it is possible to open the gear and loss of catch.

And a little about weather conditions that are suitable for catching of a pike in the first month of the year. Oddly enough, Sunny winter day is not conducive to successful pike fishing in January. The practice of many fishermen know that to go for pike in the North or North-East wind is not worth it. The catch will be.

If the sky is overcast, no wind, and throws a small snowball – it’s time to fish for pike. In this weather the pike bite is expected all day.

Successful fishing.

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