The pike fishing in February

Avid fishermen know that when fishing for pike in February, when the ice for quite some time is, worth to choose the place for fishing near the confluence or the confluence of rivers or streams. In these places, anyway, the presence of at least some current broadcasts more oxygen-rich water. The differences of depths in these areas or side is an additional positive factor, but it does not play the same role as in pergolide. Often this fish can be found in the coastal area, snag with significant depths and almost no aquatic vegetation.

At this time it is most active before dawn and in the East, so fishermen in this time go on the ice. Willingly eats sharks for about an hour before lunch and an hour after lunch. Noticed experienced anglers and the pike in February, may be after about 15-20 minutes a day, and she is enough for saturation, and therefore it is necessary to «get» the fisherman to this period of time. Adverse weather affects the intervals of biting, but the South wind thaw will bring good results fishing. But an angler who enjoys ice fishing, knows that the middle of Feb known pre-spawning migration of pike, and it can be found from shallow waters, at depths of about five feet. Hunters after him aspire to the same.

More productive February for pike will work with the use of Gerlich, although the spinner can give good results at this time. The fisherman picks up the tackle and goes on the ice. Last, regarding the structure, virtually unchanged over the last decades. It is not difficult to learn it, ask the seller of gear: and tell and advise.

Live may be different fish, but it is quite natural that fish, which live in the pond will be less suspicious of pike. It gives good results fishing for carp, roach, perch and even the rotan, but the preference still is given to minnow.

Fishermen is distinguished by a grasp of the February pike of the rest of the fish the fact that she was always strong, enough live bait down, but when cutting you need to choose the correct time (to choose the «Golden mean»).

Despite the desire to fish, experienced fishermen are advised not to go on the ice in bad weather, because the fish feels the changing weather conditions. Also, do not do it out of logical reasons – remember your health. A good solution would be to go fishing with more experienced anglers.

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