The pike fishing in December

The pike fishing in December is not less hazardous, than in other months of the year. In December, starts freezing, so the output for pike should be planned not earlier, than the ice will bear the weight of the fisherman, his clothes and of all things. In the first place, it occurs in small rivers and lakes. That’s on them and should start the December fishing pike. As soon as the ice grows stronger, you go in search of pike and the larger rivers and reservoirs.

Where to look for pike in December. The answer to this question is simple, in the same places where it was prior to the ice formation. All because almost the whole month of December, the pike remains at their favorite hunting areas. All this time continues biting. Therefore, when planning to catch a pike in December, even in the summer it is necessary to note a variety of shelters that pike. It possible to explore the seabed profile to find the edge with the rapid changes that are so fond of pike. To step on the ice, not to rush across the river in search of the predator, and purposefully start fishing.

For catching of a pike in December there are many ways. However, if you perform, you will find that the most frequently used vertical jigging and fishing Gerlich.

So, the winter jigging. Quite fascinating the way the December fishing pike. There are rules, knowing that in most cases, you can be with the catch.

For this method needs a solid spinning, because the pike is strong opponent. Fishing line strong enough to break of not less than five pounds. The spinner is attached with a metal leash. The color and shape of the jig is chosen empirically, so they should be sufficient to have space for the experiment. Possibly the use of other artificial lures. This is something that concerns gear.

The probability of catching pike in December, increases with proper selection of the depth of Troll-bait. This choice depends on the thickness of the ice. If the thickness is less than ten centimeters, the optimum depth of five meters or more. When the thickness of ice from ten to twenty centimeters blessit is at a depth of from three to five meters. And for more than twenty inches of ice depth is not important, you can start with half of the meter. All this dependence of the depth of trolling the thickness of the ice due to the fact that pike has a good ear and she can hear the fishermen on the ice. And the thickness of ice reduces the audibility.

For winter blesneniya you need to prepare about ten holes or more. The distance between them not less than five meters. In addition, the hole must be enlarged to the water to facilitate towing. Over time, fishing each hole obnovlyaetsya several times, which increases the chance to compete with the predator.

These are the nuances of the pike in December. It remains to test them in practice.

Successful fishing.

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