The pike fishing in August

Fishing for pike in August – a pretty fascinating process which requires a special approach. This can be explained by different skills and habits of the predator at different times of the year. Despite the fact that it can be caught throughout the year, yet there are months when the task of the fisherman is more complicated. This is due to some peculiarities of the lifestyle of most pike. In August on the way to catching pike problem is the heating of water. When excessive water temperature is «toothed», first, goes a little deeper (the water cooler), and secondly, completely refuses food, and this in turn further complicates its catch. Yes, and in August, the pike rarely takes the bait, the more it gnaws it. That’s why in late July – early August, the main catch of fishermen-hunters pike is just her fry. Well, when it’s a small but welcome cold, catching aktiviziruyutsya. In the period of sharp temperature fluctuations or bad weather is not even worth it and to stick his nose in the hope of at least one specimen of pike.

Why catch pike in August? As a rule, the main weapon of fishermen in this month there are mugs and t-shirts. But the right weapons will not be enough. And it is important to choose the right bait. The best treat for pike will herring and mackerel. But some fishermen are also recommended to catch and carp or roach.

By mid-month already grow pike fry, respectively, and the catch increases. In this period also can be caught on artificial lures (jigs). Well, for water bodies more suitable spoons or crankbaits. Moreover, the size of the latter you need to choose the bigger one.

In areas that are overgrown with grass, it is best to catch a pike on a Popper. Popper is a floating Wobbler. It helps to lure the predator from algae and it pretty much simplifies the angler the challenge in her podsekanie and around. It should be noted that the fishermen with many years of love to catch a pike it was on a Popper, because with the aid of this lure and you can still see the spectacle of the chase the pike with the bait on the water surface.

For fans of catching of a pike in August trolling can give some advice. In cloudy weather it is better to use a spoon of white light. In Sunny weather are best suited yellow spinners. Form does not matter.

If you decide to fish for pike in the Bush, I advise you to stock up on nezatseplyayki kolebalki. They will keep you line, time and nerves, and also eliminates other troubles, which can arise due to entanglement of the hook in the weeds.

Though the beginning of August, and not particularly conducive to catching pike, but overall the month is quite favorable for catching this predator. But it should be remembered that pike is the most active in the morning or late in the evening. At this time of day is best to go fishing. But I think, known to every fisherman. As he knows that it is best to fish for pike at the bottom of the river or in small thickets that are hidden from sunlight. Just there the water cooler. Small and medium sized pike can be found in shallow water or in the Bush. Instances bigger crouched on the clay about four meters, covered with stones and driftwood. So to hook the hook a large pike will not be for everyone.

But for those who don’t know or have forgotten, we recall that pike loves patient. So you should have patience, because it is not going daily to lash out at all your charms. Well, if you didn’t manage to catch anything, don’t despair. After all, we all had a great time fishing with like-minded people is already a good result!

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