The pike fishing in April

Warm spring days are accompanied by increased activity of predatory fish. April — one of the finest months for fishing: the weather is gorgeous, not too cold, but not too hot, and how the fish are biting. For example, you can catch pike on any lure, whether it is at least artificial, though alive. In the first of the month, when night frosts are rare, it should be fish in relatively deep areas, but certainly somewhere must be close to the shallows, where small fish. Periodically pike attend the shallows, and after popping a few fry, heading to his usual habitat — deep pools. Consequently, the most appropriate place for fishing of this shark are the outputs of the pits. Going for a meal and met on the way a lure or other bait, the pike will not miss. If you plan to catch live bait, then let him be at half depth or deeper. Perfect baits for pike is: roach, bleak, bream or Rudd. They must be used directly in shallow water. What size You choose live bait, a big role will not play, but still more effective will be fishing for a fish of medium size (about 5-10 cm). Such situations occur when the shaft wants to come ashore, the fish full of energy. But this stress, he soon gets tired and falls to the bottom, barely moving a muscle. In this case, experienced fishermen are advised to use the float-sail, which will keep the bait in the correct location. If the weather on the day of fishing was avetrana, or the wind blows in Your direction, then the fish should throw away. Baitfish will move to the shore, presleduya first over the pit, and then on her way out. Then, a pike will bite the bait. Usually, this happens in or above the next, or over the far edge of the pit. The float will react, instantly moving the first hand and within seconds, disappearing under the water. To strike at once is not recommended. If the fishing line is not going anywhere, then most likely Your catch will be small, and at this point she eats the bait. Cutting is better to make ten or twenty seconds, or, if the fishing line will again begin to move. Otherwise, if the fishing line is moved actively, then most likely, You are very lucky and extraction that will be necessary. Big pike takeoff swallow the bait and return to their pits, not noticing the fishing line. In this case, the delay can not be tolerated. As far as possible. If you want to use artificial bait, it is recommended to choose twisters, vibrohvosta, spinners. Moreover, from the time of fishing depends on the location of the lure. Day and night she must be the bottom, and in the morning in the middle layers of water. Experienced fishermen advised to use spinners at the mouths of tributaries and floodplain. We should start with areas with a steady flow, pits, located close to the shore. In mid-April, pike are starting to move to spawning. Here, there is a decline in the number and size of the caught predators. As a rule, only caught small pike. The young predator takes great artificial bait and fish. «Cool» the place are the lake, river bays. They swallow the bait as soon as it hits the water. If the bite is not, then change the place. A much bigger catch waiting for You at the end of April (about ten days), when the pike comes posledeistvie zhor. The pike fishing in April will certainly bring a lot of pleasure to fishermen. After a long winter it is so nice to be outdoors and doing things you love. Besides wonderful catch will surely get You in the mood before the upcoming fishing season.

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