The pike bite in February

Winter fishermen call «dead season», «gluhozime». In February, the ice is already long, snow is more and more, and the oxygen less. Underwater predators that live in such conditions, one desire — to lie down in your favorite places, and lie there till spring, sometimes grabbing prey passing directly past the head.

So fishing in the small lakes, ponds this time of year almost meaningless. In February places to catch pike are looking for where have for, where there is less rotting of aquatic vegetation where the water is most oxygenated. It’s rivers, junction of streams or rivers. The presence of snags, differences of depths, edges and small holes in places, of course, welcome. As well as distinctive feature of February — pre-spawning migration of pike in shallow water and coastal waters where the best fishing this month suitable depth 0.5 — 2 m. The exception will only the largest specimens, they up the spawn at the beginning of March will remain at a depth of two meters or more, often in the deep pools on the bends of the river. In the coastal zone should look coastal projections, ducts, clean the areas among vegetation and reed Islands or a narrow river channel, which flows into great Bay. The most active February pike find before sunrise, during sunrise and the small gaps of time between 11 — 12 hours and between 14 — 15. The role played by weather conditions. South or North wind and a small thaw contribute to the catch, and in the Sunny frosty day bite will be weaker. It is best for successful fishing suitable overcast, with slight snowfall. In winter, pike are caught using zherlits, lures and balancers, but the most productive in February is to fish for pike on the imitation fish, as artificial bait, she attacks, as a rule, very carefully, even if hungry. Live may be different fish, but it is best to use one that lives in the selected reservoir. The best bait in February is a minnow or a carp, but perch, roach, rotan. Coming to the selected area, cut from 5-7 holes at a distance of 5-6 meters from each other. It is desirable that between the two was the differences in depth of two feet or slightly more. During the day several times consistently around the hole, not lingering long in one and the same. If fishing is successful, you can use this section of the hole to the end of winter, as the place of game fish often come up new.


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