The perch fishing in September

In early autumn, perch going in small flocks, provided that the water does not bloom» and it is located in their favorite places. They are especially active in warm weather, with an average constant atmospheric pressure and at a mild southerly wind. In the morning 8-9 hours he is going in a large group, surprising his sense of teamwork and cohesion is very convenient for perch in September.

Interestingly, among the larger bass a little less of their students. After approximately ten hours, they are divided into small flocks. One is a convenient place to profit, and the rest float on the lake, pressing the fish to the shore.

Fishing for bass in September, in favorable days, you can continue till noon and then the bite begins to fade and subside.

But until four o’clock he again resumed until about six o’clock in the evening. In some places, for example in the coastal stubs with aquatic vegetation, also sometimes the evening bite. Modemnya curves, which are protected from the wind, is a great place for a morning of perch fishing in September. Strong winds, changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature drops have a negative impact on the bite.

Fish feels in advance the weather changes not for the better, and therefore moves away from the shore. But as soon as the weather recovered, the fry right back in the shallows, and it appears and adult perch. Into the hands of the fisherman will be small ripples on the water: at this time, the bass behaves bolder. But the «flowering» of water can cause the biting is almost stopped. In September, the bass melds in two or three large flocks, and floats near the shore or on the differences in depth. Water when the temperature lightened, and perch in the selection of lures is no longer so unpretentious. Therefore, in autumn the fishermen have to go to vibrohvost and twisters. Probably, these silicone lures in the clear water the fish inspire more confidence. The best colors for lures are: transparent brown with silver flecks, light green, snow-white, bright green, transparent green with red speckles and purple-mother-of-pearl.

Today, unfortunately, sold a lot of silicone baits is not the best quality. The silicone is soft, very soft, hard and medium hardness. Every kind of baits should have the proper consistency for it. For example, small twisters should not be made of silicone medium hard, and hard is not suitable for vibrohvosta. Lure of very soft silicone are disposable, because the teeth of the fish, quickly remove them from a working condition.

Buying, for example, vibrohvost, take him by the head with tail up. If he deviates by less than 90 degrees, so it’s not exactly a high-quality silicone bait. The greater the deflection angle, the more sensitive the tail. With a weak deviation will have to be removed. Fishing for bass in September , preferably in warmer areas.

With the right kind of bait the bite, under favorable conditions, will last the whole day, except for a few hours break. For warm Sunny weather this time, from 12.30 to 15.30, and on a cloudy day – this break from 13.30 to 15.00. On cloudy days with a quiet drizzling rain good bite is usually from nine in the morning until noon. When you are fishing in unfamiliar water, try to sh as much as possible. If in the morning there is no bite, it does not mean that it will not later. In this case you should wait at least until the hour of the day, and the success is guaranteed.

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