The perch bite in January

In January, the middle of winter the thickness of ice on many reservoirs reaches its maximum, and everything underwater inhabitants, including omnivorous perch are beginning to experience a serious lack of oxygen, which negatively affects the bite. Perch fishing is becoming truly a labour, because to catch even a small number of previously well cleavege sailor is not so easy. The most important factor for successful fishing in January to become the ability to find a new Parking lot striped predator. Since all white fish followed by the predators, coming from previously suitable for them shelters of all sorts of snags and debris of trees. In mid-January made over the snags holes often goes bad putrid smell and the phenomenon tells the angler about a low oxygen content in such a place. And we can safely say that all the fish are gone from this site. Therefore, to continue fishing at this point is quite futile. Perch need to look at the areas where the river or lake flow into streams or warm sounding keys. In such places, the water almost does not freeze in winter and oxygen levels are adequate. In periods of gluhozime in the area of these sites is a lot of different fish, standing there and perch.

In the shallow floodplain lakes in January, also due to lack of oxygen, the perch bite is greatly reduced, but it should replace the frost to come at least a couple of days of thaw, such as lakes Wake up and give fishermen a real okunevy Joram. Particularly well in this time baitless jigs, as they most resemble perch his main feed in such places — small underwater insects. To use bloodworms or thistles at this time the fishermen are not in a hurry, so very much they attract different fish trifle that does not fit the larger fish. It is worth noting that in January, during periods of thaw, the river become quite promising in shallow Bay. That’s where the ice surface is covered with cracks, missing oxygen, and at shallow depths, about one and a half meters begins zhor dimensional perch. And such that one fishing you can fill them to the brim your fishing box! The fishermen in such periods, give the palm to all kinds of «goats» and «hell». The game they become very efficient with an average frequency of oscillation.

In those years when winter goes as it should go, that is in the January time crackling Epiphany frosts very efficient points can become a wide river stretches with strong current. And not hampered by the fact that the entire surface of the ice is often just riddled with drilled holes that remain from the past pereletnyj battles. Perch and stays there for almost the entire winter. But only the approach to it in these times of special need. Apply mormexico tackle with the active game is not always justified — often brings just a little bass–the halfling. But at the same time is to put the fisherman spinning on the ice with a spoon and skewered on her hook with a worm of muck, and then begins a good bite of decent sized perch. And while the lure is motionless on the bottom, but biting fish are sharp and confident. It is worth to say that in the beginning of fishing, be sure to check the site for the presence of fast flow, and if the selected plot is weak or it does not, the perch bites, most likely, will not.

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