The perch bite in February

The bass is one of the few fish that you can catch always and everywhere. Best of all, it pecks at privaledge, however, and in February does not get bored fishermen.

The main pack is always kept near the shore, and part on the slope under the slope and only a small amount at depth. Okoneshnikov learn easily because they are located in a chain along the coast. It must be remembered that when fishing at depths less than three meters, the hole clean is not necessary, as the sun’s light frightens the fish. Best using the sticks to perform in the sludge hole and catch. Perch is mostly at the bottom, however, severe frosts can be floor water.

Catch a winter bass fishing rod, but each fisherman has their secrets. The whip, the rod should be of medium hardness. On the coil it is better to have a clutch to bleed the line when you strike the major individuals to not snap the fishing line. A nod must be regulated by length — the longer the nod, the game mormyshkas more smooth and measured, and the short nod creates a faster and more rhythmic game. When good Kleve nod can not use, saying the fishermen’s language, catching on the stanchion.

The best jig fishing for bass is the ant, however, in a special account are sports spinners (miniature wolfrace equipped with a sharp hook). When fishing for small perch, they always win a conventional jigs. To activate the bite you can experiment with kembrikom different colors, but do not forget that any wearing sleeve should move freely in the hook grip and jump off it. The above is true when fishing bloodworms. When weak Kleve bloodworms better stick to number 2 or even 3 pieces.

As for the game the jig, then each fisherman has their own. However, any game is accompanied by the first press jigs on the bottom. This is necessary in order to create a small cloudlet of dregs, which are excellent predator lures.

Fishing for perch on bloodworms with a jig is one of the lungs; literally every person who came to the pond, you can catch him. Such opportunities often do beginners and fishermen, which is the weight and size of the fish does not matter.

Also perch can be caught on bezmetallny jig. Although this fishing requires certain skills (proper selection of nods, continuing without interruption the game of the jig, etc.), but the fish caught are much larger. Bezmetallny not can be caught on the stanchion. This is the main disadvantage for the angler, as the lure must always be in motion. So everyone chooses his own method of fishing, based on your own preferences.

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