The order of the Ministry of environment of 16 November 2010 No. 512

Protection Ministry of natural resources approved a document that contains the rules of hunting, including the amendments of 10 April, 5 September, 8 November 2012 10 December 2013. In order to strengthen the existing monitoring of all types of hunting and preservation of hunting resources was issued by the advanced rules, which are registered in the Ministry of Justice on 4 February 2011 and entered into force.

Rules apply to all hunting areas, excluding the private ownership of wild animals kept in captivity. While hunting must have a hunting license, permission to store and use firearms, special document that allows you to hunt in a certain area. To get a ticket for hunting in the hunting grounds in appropriate bodies with the authority. In the case of hunting using birds of prey, they must have permission. All documents are hunters are required to provide upon request of the officials responsible for the state hunting supervision. Also available for the inspection of personal belongings and vehicles.

Adaptations for hunting should be in good condition, is excluded to use automatic devices that operate through the actions of the animal after the deadline permission to hunt. After obtaining the production must make appropriate notes on the back of the document. Transportation of animals, and adaptations for hunting are carried out only in the presence of a tear-off coupon, along with a resolution. The document can be specified the amount of allowable production.

When collective hunting full responsibility for his conduct lies on the hunter to whom the permit was granted. The actions of all parties should be agreed in advance and aimed at the detection and extraction of animals. When hunting bears, wolves and other large animals, the responsibility for carrying it out lies with the authorized representative of the legal organization, which monitors the implementation of all provisions of the law. It provides instruction regarding hunting and also introduces safety before its implementation.

Prohibited the use of firearms close to residential properties, the maximum allowable distance is 200 meters. Not allowed to shoot at the sounds of unknown origin noise, a rustle, not enough apparent purpose. It is dangerous to use the weapon, when birds sit on wires and power lines, especially high voltage substations. Also not allowed to shoot weapons on signs, traffic signs, billboards, residential and non-residential premises.

If you hunt bear, you must comply with the specified time period of the hunt. A wounded animal is sure to be a selection, this prevents the prolonged suffering of the animal. For the purposes of scientific research, regulation of animal numbers and economic activity to go into the hunting grounds are available throughout the year.

When hunting for fur animals is not allowed the destruction and excavation of burrows and brood shelters, the exception may be only dens of wolves and jackals, destroyed beaver dams and burrows of other wild animals if the hunting dog is not able free.

Hunting using hunting dogs is carried out on submission of relevant documents. The animal must be well-trained to execute all commands. If the dog during a hunt went to another area, the hunter has the right to look for it there, but the cartridges the guns must be withdrawn.

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