The order of Ministry of Russia from 24.07.2013 N 261

Protection Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation have issued new regulations, improvements and amendments for the issue of a permit to conduct the hunt. The exceptions are species of birds and animals listed in the Red book, as well as territory, presence of objects of Federal value.

In the annexes to the regulations referred to the possibility of appeal against decisions on refusal of issuing the document that allows hunting in some areas. Allowed the use of electronic signatures on documents, when providing municipal and state services.

Amendment to an existing Ordinance is «not provided» now is the word «except» and added the enumeration. Public service now must inform the applicant about the conduct of the appeal, all data on the case in electronic form. The parties have to conclude a contract, since making the complaint to a review of the refusal of issuance of permissions for bagging game resources.

If in the course of checking the digital signature of the document does not meet the conditions, then within three days the state the person gives a written waiver of review of the complaint. This document is signed and sent to the email address of the applicant. After receiving the denial, the applicant has the right to correct all violations and re-apply with the request to consider the original complaint. The time of provision of such services must be docked with the applicant. Complaint in writing can be transmitted via the Internet.

He entered the state service, register a complaint and appoint a review period for not more than fifteen days. In some cases, the processing time can be shortened to five days. The answer is given not later than the next day after the decision. The document includes: surname, name, patronymic of rassmotrite complaint, registration number, grounds for acceptance or denial to appeal the decision.

Authorised person has the right to leave the complaint without consideration in the case of illegible text, individual words, lack of signature and return address. Do not permit offensive language in the address of the officers, damage public or personal property, threat to human health and life.

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