The nuances of fishing in August

By late summer, water reservoirs becoming more pure and transparent, as it reduces the activity of microorganisms that make the water muddy and dirty. This can be beneficial for fishing. In clear water a fish notices the bait and lure at a greater distance, and therefore, fishing is becoming easier and increases the catch.

Also by late summer it becomes easier fishing spinning reel with bait from the bait and, first and foremost, this applies to large ponds and lakes. And in the rivers during this period is well caught perch and pike on the frog and roach among the thickets of seaweed on the bait out of the skate. Usually caught roach on a standard float rod with a bait of bloodworm, maggots or worms, but in August it becomes available and catching on the ridge of the algae. In the quiet water of grass are biting well Rudd, bream and roach, and in clear water the bream. In reeds and on the bottom, among the seaweed and driftwood, fry goes well pike and perch.

By the end of August the temperature drops, the water cools, and this has a positive effect on the bite. This happens because the fish, feeling the onset of cold times of the year, trying as much as possible to look for food, so fishing becomes more productive. The most successful currently is fishing early in the morning, at dawn. Also in the second half of August, becoming weaker and gradually disappearing fish for walleye and catfish.

With the onset of cold nights begin to die algae, and predators become more difficult to hunt for young fish, grown up over the summer. Therefore, before catching predatory fish, first you need to figure out where she can live in a particular lake or pond. It can be a lot of depth, and shallow water, overgrown grass and reeds, all depends on individual conditions.

For example, such fish as perch, pike, catfish and the old pike, I love pits, a tangle of driftwood at the bottom of the ravine under the cliffs and a steep Bank and other places with minimal power flow. At bridge piers, sunken piles, and other similar objects at this time of year likes to stand Chub.

Except fry, fishing for bream, carp and roach, you can apply the yolk with a piece of cotton, placed in a bottle with a wide neck, impaled on a small hook. This type of nozzle works very effectively and can withstand two or three bites. It is best if the nozzle will be as close to the bottom, and ideally – dragging on it.

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