The most popular ways to hunt wolves in the summer round-up in the lair,the hunt for the PSA,hunting with ambush

The main purpose of hunting wolves in the summer hunting for young cubs den which are close to residential settlements. Wolves cause a lot of trouble to people stealing poultry and cattle, and sometimes attack people. Wolves can attack not only alone, but a whole bunch. The main production is: wild boar, ROE deer, hare, and sometimes even elk. Wolves superficially resemble dogs, but at the size and weight much more. Reach a length 100-170 cm, weighing up to 70 kg. Wolves are mainly oriented to the terrain using hearing and smell, they have bad eyesight, but at night can see much better than dogs. To hunt the wolf you need a thorough preparation, extensive experience and knowledge of the habits of the beast. This hunt at the same time challenging and interesting. Hunting of wolves in summer are officially allowed. The most well-known types of hunting wolves is:

— RAID in the lair;

— the hunt for the PSA;

hunting from ambush.

Each of these techniques has its own characteristics, pros and cons, and knowing them, the hunter will be easier to prepare for the hunt and to choose the method that is necessary in a particular case.

The trail of a wolf resembles a large footprint heavy dogs. Should hunting husky is often mistaken for a paw print of a young wolf. An experienced hunter can distinguish the trail of a wolf in a compact arrangement of traces. The wolf trail can reach 15 cm. If you got the next person, but there are traces of the animal, most likely here there was a hunter with his four-legged assistant. If a wolf is hunting a hare, then trail it winds through the trees, around the bushes. Mouse the wolf leaves traces that are similar to a Fox, only much larger. In a wolf pack, the animals are following each other in the tracks, stopping sometimes to mark a tree. In deep snow, wolves often have to jump in length of 2 meters. Should be sought not in more dense and forest trails. Wolves often use previously well-trodden trail from cars, people and wild animals.

Round up the wolves

Rounding up wolves are usually fine in August. As has been said, the wolf den is located near the villages. Experienced volchatnik can determine the place of residence of the beasts they howl. The cry of the birds also symbolize the presence of wolves in close proximity. Defining the wolf’s lair, the hunter marks the place with flags and arrows diverge by numbers, not more than 2 meters on the perimeter. Noise of the beaters should be very strongly as a family of wolves is not so easy to drive. Sometimes the hunters as a trophy take the little cubs to educate them at home, to use on the hunt for the convening of the howling of other wolves.

The way of hunting for the PSA

The most popular ways to hunt wolves in the summer round-up in the lair,the hunt for the PSA,hunting with ambush

The way of hunting for the PSA is also used in the summer. In such a hunting does not involve more than 4 people. First set wolves on the trail or other signs. Then the hunter begins to mimic the sound of a wolf howling. Hunting begins early, when the mother wolf is not in the lair. The voice of babelike speak the young cubs, you need to stand absolutely still so as not to frighten them.

Hunting from ambush

Does not require special training and effort hunting from ambush. Find a covert path, with traces of people that the wolf does not hear the hunter. In case to conduct the hunt in a remote area, the human smell deters the beast. For bait it is better to take fresh meat, which is carefully masked, but the bait must be visible. The wind needs to be focused on you because the wolf is very careful, will be a long sniff, before approaching the bait. To hunt from ambush out before dawn or in the evening.

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