The most popular types of hunting the wolf

The wolf is one of the most dangerous animals from among those that are permitted to hunt. Now in Russia wolves are not only in nature reserves, they are in the tundra and the taiga, in the North-West European part of the country.

Usually, wolf hunting in autumn and winter, when his skin looks better.

One of the oldest methods is to RAID or hunting with flags. The first thing that makes huntsman in the area of residence of the wolves – spread the bait (carrion) to find out near the den. This is done in order to delay the pack a supply of food, besides, well-fed wolves lose their vigilance.

So the RAID is successful, the range of salary should be as broad as possible. If the shooters ‘ line is open, the circle is made with a diameter of about two and a half miles, and the arrows become fifty meters from each other, taking into account the wind direction. Trying to create the least possible noise, okladskii hang the boxes on the sides, the eighty inches above the ground. Then come the beaters, raising wolves and direct them to the shooters.

Shoot always need probably, as wolves are particularly endurance and can go, even with several wounds.

Hunting with hounds is now not as popular as in the beginning of the last century when in the European part of Russia there were thousands of greyhounds. In modern conditions, the dog should only limit the movement of the beast, drive it to the hunter and not to go further than the distance of the shot. It is also important that the dog kicked the wolves, breaking up the pack and forcing them to go in all directions.

Wolf hunting with huskies usually held in the spring and summer. In the morning, finding the wolf’s lair, the hunter makes several shots in the air and releases a curse. Adult animals, frightened by the shots, immediately run away as far as possible, and young cubs husky manages to find and strangle. For dogs great danger there are traps and traps, so if the area they are arranged, profanity should be avoided.

Wolf hunting with traps is rather simple. The main condition: the traps shall be free from foreign smell, without even the smell of iron, and especially without the smell of man. To remove any odors, traps can be boiled with hay or fir paws. You can install them only with gloves or mittens.

In the winter put traps on the wolf trail to follow or under the imprint by selecting some snow and setting a trap. In the summer, near the place of installation of the trap you want to apply the bait.

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