The most popular methods of hunting grouse

Hunting with stuffed

Since the end of September the black grouse start to gather in flocks the size of which depends on the number of grouse in the area. Before settles deep snow grouse live in the birch trees near the places of accommodation and food. They are the best for hunting with mounts.

The Scarecrow must be spread on the top of podtochennaya – long and thin poles so that it looked like the bird sits quietly, facing the chest against the wind. If there is no wind, then put in the morning, East in the evening to the West. It is best to install 3-4 stuffed, preferably at different heights and shoot at a bird that sits lower than the other.

This kind of hunting on grouse may provide beaters, whose task is to bring the flock to the guy, removing it from the overnight stop place.

Hunting for currents from the hut

Kosachi Lek on the edge of a forest, field, meadows, etc. the Number of birds can vary from a few pieces to several dozen.

Smoking must be put in advance, preferably in the center of the cluster of black cocks. It needs to be small, as the basis you can use a Bush or tree. It is recommended to jot down in a hut of straw or hay to avoid the inconvenience associated with dampness. You can arrange a few huts at different currents.

Hunting hut needs to go back in the dark and is there until the end of the hunt. You need to shoot to start in the midst of the current, carefully taking aim.

Hunting for broods of the coniferous forest and are capercaillie

This kind of hunting on grouse-shooting begins in August when broods are kept clearings, in the thick grass. The best time for hunting is early morning or evening 3 hours before sunset, because at this time, broods leave more traces.

While hunting, you need to ensure that COP went against the wind. In that moment, when the dog picked up the trail, you need to hold it and wait until the brood flee, after which it will be easy to catch birds alone.

If the litter raised from the ground, you can do a couple of shots and wait until teerawat sit on the trees and calms down a bit. After the expiration of the 15-20 minutes they start to get out of shelters and then they are easy to find using dogs.

Hunting with the entrance and approach

The best time for such a hunt after the first powder. You must know the terrain and the movement of flocks of grouse. For an entrance more convenient to choose visa, and in winter the wood-sledge with not timid horse and charioteer.

The most popular methods of hunting grouse

If the school is large, then before you shoot, it is necessary to disperse it and drive up to single birds. It is necessary to monitor the behavior of birds: if she is calm, chicken kidneys, that keep the entrance, otherwise we have to immediately shoot.

Hunting for the holes

In extreme cold, the grouse spend the night in the snow on a small forest clearings. Grouse spend in the snow the whole night. The most successful time for hunting for holes in the evening in the West. You need to try to approach the hole as quietly as possible.

Good luck to you!

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