The manufacturer of the marker for carp fishing

Many of us have heard the word marker. But few can boast of having used or at least seen as a marker in the process of fishing. Not all fishermen understand why to spend your precious time allocated to fishing, searching for the point at which you throw the tackle.

It is much easier to come to shore, to choose a more or less clean and comfortable stretch of coast, unpack gear and immediately start fishing. Thus for a long time to wait for a bite and indignant: why aren’t biting today again?

Instead, it would not hurt to wonder why the professionals sport fishing, carpatica, be sure to use the markers? It’s the professionals, isn’t it? And their experience just need to learn the simple fishermen, the fans that come to the shore for fun, relaxation, socializing with the same fans. And the first thing to do is choose the most suitable for the catchability of the fishing buoys. After all, the pit and the edge hidden from the eyes of a fisherman thickness of water, and any fisherman that is visually finds the most suitable and convenient fishing spot.

To do with their hands token is very simple. First on the rod is marked with a fixed distance, e.g., 50 cm away from the coil. Next, you need to prepare a simple float and mount it on the fishing line with a sliding sinker, which is heavier than the float by about half. Take the cork from the champagne and the rod of gel pens. Tube punched with an awl through the length, then insert the rod. In the lower portion of the shank insert plastic ring of small diameter, and sizing the junction of stem and tube. Coated tube and rod bright paint and finish.

Now consider the mounting gear. The cargo is put on the line, and by the end of the line tightly binds our float. Method of application is very simple. To start running throw the gear into the intended point of fishing. Wait until the burden will fall to the bottom. Next, begin to release the fishing line from the spool to the mark, and we believe the number of measuring sites to the moment until we see a new token. Now multiply the number of sections of fishing line to the length of measures and the resulting depth in the place of casting. After that, pull the fishing line, for example, 3 meters and repeat the procedure. After a few measurements, do a throw to 10 degrees to the right and to the left of the starting point. And that’s all. You now have a map of the depths of your sector of fishing. Select the most suitable for fishing point, sakerligen the place and all the casts performed it there. Believe me, the results will not keep itself waiting long.

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